Episode 436: What Every Jewelry Brand Needs to Know About Instagram SEO

Instagram SEO

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Wait, SEO for Instagram? Who knew this was even a thing?

In our most recent jewelry marketing bootcamp I did a training on how SEO can elevate your presence on Instagram – a concept that's not as widely known as Google SEO but gaining traction.

On the Thrive by Design podcast today I’m diving into the world of SEO and its pivotal role in expanding your reach and growing your audience, in particular on Instagram. 

Why Instagram SEO Matters

Instagram SEO is your ticket to increasing visibility and discoverability through the platform's search bar on the discover page. It's not just about Google anymore. Instagram's SEO ranking factors include relevance, user activity, and search result information, all deeply important for engagement and growth on the platform.

Enhancing Discoverability via Instagram SEO

Here’s an overview of the steps you can take to improve your chances of being discovered on Instagram:

Craft Descriptive Captions: Begin by writing captions that incorporate keywords people are actively searching for.

Prioritize Keywords Over Hashtags: While hashtags are still relevant, keywords in your post hold more weight in the SEO game.

Optimize Your Profile: Include relevant keywords in your Instagram profile name or username.

Leverage Hashtags: Use up to 30 relevant hashtags to broaden your post's reach.

Alt Text for Images: Don't forget to add alt text to your photos in advanced settings.

Consistency is Key: As with any marketing strategy it’s important to stay aligned with your niche core values as you build your Instagram following.

Sourcing Keywords Using Chat GPT

While I never recommended using Chat GPT to write your copy for you, it is a valuable tool to help you generate keywords, alt texts, and content ideas. Below is a snapshot of what you can do. I used the content pillars of Horsefeather Gifts: 

Utilizing Instagram's Advanced Settings for SEO

On the podcast I shared that to fully optimize your Instagram SEO, you must include these essential elements:

  • Alt Text: Craft descriptive alt text for your images.
  • Keywords: Include relevant keywords in your content.
  • CTAs: Incorporate compelling calls to action.
  • Hook: Start your captions with a captivating hook.

Crafting Winning Captions to Grow Your Audience

Once your audience discovers you on Instagram, your captions and images will keep them engaged and coming back for more. Despite what you may think, writing a compelling caption doesn’t have to be hard. Here’s a simple formula to follow, for winning captions every time:

  • Start with Keywords: Begin with 5-7 relevant keywords.
  • Embrace Core Values: Highlight your brand's core values, like friends, family, farm, pets, and small-town fame.
  • Infuse Your Mission: Weave your brand's mission into the narrative.
  • Hook Them In: Kickstart your caption with a captivating hook.
  • Call to Action: Always include a call to action at the end.

You’ll see that when you take the time to research your keywords and map out a content strategy for SEO your audience, email list, and, ultimately, your sales will start to grow! 

Tune into podcast episode 436 today to boost your jewelry company's visibility on Instagram.

Your journey to social media success starts now!

xo, Tracy


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