Episode 467: How to Get Loyal Repeat Customers Returning to Buy From Your Website in 90 Days or Less

How to Get Loyal Repeat Customers Returning to Buy From Your Website in 90 Days or Less

What would life be like if 80% of your customers came back to buy from your website again… and again… and again?

It might sound crazy, but it’s possible! This week on the show we have our Head Coach, the fabulous Chelsea Farmer of HorseFeathers Gifts, here to teach you exactly how she does it.

Chelsea is our top online sales trainer who will be leading the upcoming Train Your Customers to Buy from You Online Program (kicking off on April 23rd), where she will be teaching a whole module on brand loyalty, full of strategies to keep customers coming back every time you release a new collection. 

One of the craziest moments I’ve ever had in the Flourish & Thrive Academy is watching a video of Chelsea’s screen during the launch of one her collections. Her entire inventory sold out in 5 minutes (to the tune of $20,000)… this lady knows how to get people excited about a new drop, and on today’s episode, she’s sharing a few of her secrets with us. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what we cover:

  • Chelsea’s favorite thing about Flourish & Thrive Academy challenges (more sales, anybody??) and why she loves coaching the FTA programs
  • How her jewelry business was featured on Fox News, at the Oscars and all the things within her first year
  • Why return customer rate is a key number in your jewelry business, and why focusing on this area can create a huge community of ‘true fans’ desperate to buy every time you drop a new collection
  • Why repeat customers are more important than new customers
  • 4 key strategies Chelsea uses to build a thriving community around her brand that keep people coming back
  • Chelsea’s best advice for fixing your customer return rate (hint: it’s not offering discounts!). This is a huge deal if you find selling in person really easy but haven’t figured out how to make that come across online yet
  • Why automations and systematic follow-ups gets a whole module in the TYC course that can increase online sales by up to 45%
  • Opening up the communication channels with new customers and how to train people to talk to you and connect with your brand and that you care about their input (which also boosts your brand with the internet gods)
  • How Chelsea sells out collections by designing for specific customers from her loyal fan base (and how you can become super confident doing the same by nailing down a few key parts of your brand)

We also talk about the make or break tactic that determines whether people come back to shop with you again (creating the same experience in person and online), how to handle complaints from unhappy customers, and Chelsea’s famous ‘scavenger hunt’ strategy for keeping her marketing fun.

This episode is a must-listen – it’s packed with actionable strategies that could transform your business for good. 

If you’re fired up thinking about doubling your return customer rate, make sure you sign up for our free Supercharge Your Online Sales Challenge. 

We’re going to be challenging you to get into action and start making money in real time. It starts April 8th, so click here to get on the waitlist: www.flourishthriveacademy.com/supercharge

This will give you a little taste of what Chelsea and our other amazing coaches will be teaching in the Train Your Customers to Buy from You Online program, which  is starting on April 23rd, 2024. 

Earlybird applications are open now, with a discount available AND a bonus 1-on-1 coaching call with Chelsea or one of our other coaches if you apply and pay in full before the early bird deadline (April 8th). Click here to check it out — this is an awesome opportunity to save yourself a bunch of money while training your customers to buy from you online over and over and over again. 

Join us to learn the insider secrets to creating unbeatable brand loyalty and a thriving community around your jewelry business!

xo, Tracy

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