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#282 How to Find Your North Star and Align With What Matters with Jason Ayers

By Tracy Matthews / December 29, 2020

…in business. And for me, when I think of that, you know, because, like, I definitely, you know, I’m always striving to have like, businesses that are doing like a…

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#279 8 Ways to De-stress This Holiday Season

By Tracy Matthews / December 8, 2020

…but also it was kind of like, Ah, you know, like juggling all the things. So just so you know, we’re all in the same boat. And I’m going through…

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#274 Here’s What to Focus On to End the Year Strong

By Tracy Matthews / November 3, 2020

…just what you’re selling in those emails, like build that know, like trust process, bring people on a buyer’s journey. And a lot of this can be done in indoctrination…

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#280 3 Tips to Set Boundaries Between Work and Personal Life

By Tracy Matthews / December 15, 2020

…in your personal life this next year, and you know, I always say like, you know, is there really balance… work life balance? I don’t know, because sometimes you’re going…

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#265 Responsibility in Sourcing with Brandee Dallow

By Tracy Matthews / August 18, 2020

…just don’t trust. They don’t trust anyone, until they know that there is an ability to prove, you know, a company’s responsibility. And so this third party audit once a…

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#273 3 Ways to Identify If Your Marketing is Working or a Waste of Time

By Tracy Matthews / October 13, 2020

…whole marketing conversation came in. Because, you know, I’m sitting her coaching through people, they’re like, yeah, I’m doing all these things. And like, I don’t really know what’s working,…

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#283 Our Top 5 Marketing Strategies for 2021

By Tracy Matthews / January 5, 2021

…your brand. And this means like, you know, you might be thinking, well, that’s weird, because like if they haven’t bought anything yet, like how is this customer’s experience, but…

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#267 7 Epic Virtual Trunk Show Ideas to Boost Your Holiday Sales

By Tracy Matthews / September 1, 2020

and said, Look, I know this is like a, you know, unconventional, but what do you think about like bringing that show online so that you’re the Google employees can…

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#268 Here’s How to Have the BEST Black Friday – Cyber Monday Promotion This Year

By Tracy Matthews / September 8, 2020

…all of the episodes as well, plus I also, you know, it’s timely because we have a very interesting season coming up for holiday season.  You know, in the United…

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#281 7 of My Fave Books for Holiday Downtime Reading Pleasure

By Tracy Matthews / December 22, 2020

…think, it’s just important to like really understand like: where are you getting your news sources? What are like the their real stories and like, what are the facts behind…

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