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#254 How to Use Tik Tok For Your Jewelry or Creative Product Business with Elise Darma

By Tracy Matthews / May 26, 2020

…do something like how to design a custom ring and then go through all the steps of that, like, you know, Totally, yeah, the drawing and then you know, the…

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#260 3 Key Metrics to Supercharge Your Online and E-Commerce Sales

By Tracy Matthews / July 14, 2020

…you this is a could also be phases of awareness, like unaware, somewhat aware, very aware. So know like trust. And then once you build that trust, that’s when they…

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#265 Responsibility in Sourcing with Brandee Dallow

By Tracy Matthews / August 18, 2020

…you know, for us sustainability means that we need to take care of the people on our planet. And of course, you know why? Because, you know, the word I…

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#259 How to Crash Your Business to Reach Your Goals with Jason Ayers

By Tracy Matthews / July 7, 2020

…it’s incredibly powerful. I know firsthand, because I was like, Oh, yeah, so if I think about, like, everything that I would have to do like this one scenario was…

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#267 7 Epic Virtual Trunk Show Ideas to Boost Your Holiday Sales

By Tracy Matthews / September 1, 2020

and said, Look, I know this is like a, you know, unconventional, but what do you think about like bringing that show online so that you’re the Google employees can…

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#268 Here’s How to Have the BEST Black Friday – Cyber Monday Promotion This Year

By Tracy Matthews / September 8, 2020

…all of the episodes as well, plus I also, you know, it’s timely because we have a very interesting season coming up for holiday season.  You know, in the United…

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#42 How to Sell Your Jewelry into Retail Stores: 12 Strategies to Increase Wholesale Sales

By Tracy Matthews / May 24, 2016

…make sure that you know how to produce your product. I know that sounds kind of silly but sometimes designers get really super creative and then don’t remember how they…

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#20: Know, Like, & Trust Factor with Andrea Ayers of Launch Grow Joy

By Tracy Matthews / January 4, 2016

know who you are and if you’re a reputable company before they even think about buying. Andrea shares quite a few ways to build up what we call the ‘Know,

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Your 3-Part Content Marketing Calendar for Your Online Product Business (Free Template)

By Tracy Matthews / September 7, 2021

…a minute, but first, let’s break down the essentials of your content marketing strategy… Filter All Your Content Through Know, Like, and Trust We can’t talk about content marketing without…

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Elevate Your Brand and Build Trust With Your Signature Style with Chellie Carlson

Episode 440: Style Magnetism: Elevate Your Brand and Build Trust With Your Signature Style with Chellie Carlson

By Tracy Matthews / October 25, 2023

…essence, the more you build trust. The more you work on aligning your signature style with your most authentic self, the more people trust you. Every piece you put on…

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