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#319 How Your Energy Attracts Your Reality

By Tracy Matthews / October 12, 2021

…Your reactions, your mindset, and your behavior are all yours to dictate. Those are the things that will guide you toward your vision. This is an invitation to address your…

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#4: How to Leverage Your Personality to Sell More of Your Art – with Sarah Ashley Longshore

By Tracy Matthews / October 29, 2015

…can always be uniquely yours. #4 Never Give Up We are well aware at how corny it sounds, but the “never give up” mindset is completely necessary for artists and…

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#104 Etsy Overhaul for the Holiday Season with Amber Harder

By Tracy Matthews / August 1, 2017

…working for them is totally ethical. Learning from them and viewing them as a mentor is a mindset shift that will help your Etsy shop in the long run! It…

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#268 Here’s How to Have the BEST Black Friday – Cyber Monday Promotion This Year

By Tracy Matthews / September 8, 2020

…sub zero Ground Zero really about this is like getting into the mindset of getting prepared so that you’re planning and in the zone, which brings us on to Step…

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#265 Responsibility in Sourcing with Brandee Dallow

By Tracy Matthews / August 18, 2020

The word “sustainability” gets thrown around a lot these days. But what does it actually take to have a sustainable jewelry brand? My friend Brandee Dallow has the answer. Through…

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Instagram Algorithm Update: How It Can Help Jewelry Businesses

By Tracy Matthews / April 13, 2022

…have to change your mindset from “I need more likes and followers” to “how can I connect with people who are following me?” Come from a place of service by…

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#81 Where Should I Invest My Money to Grow My Jewelry Business?

By Tracy Matthews / February 21, 2017

…been there and crushed that?! Get Out of Your Maker-Mindset Being the Chief Visionary Officer of your business requires you to feel in control. Worrying about paying rent is a…

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Designer Spotlight: Sara Pocius

By Sharon Kwon / April 3, 2015

…mind, both my business and mindset shifted. My business model is perfect for me and that allows me to create something perfect for my customers. My entire life I’ve been…

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#190 4 Things Standing in the Way of Reaching Your Money Goals in the Next 90 Days w/ Anna Shilina

By Tracy Matthews / February 26, 2019

…they’re doing. “We work on mindset, we work on the way you approach things, we work on really focusing on productivity and being in that space of your highest self…

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#237 Why I Care So Much About Your Jewelry Business

By Tracy Matthews / February 4, 2020

…loved mentoring the designers who worked for me, and I wanted to break away from the scarcity mindset that pervaded the industry and share what I had to learn through…

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