#247 Stop Checking Your Likes with Susie Moore

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It’s time for you to show up for your business without worrying about what the external world thinks.

That’s what Susie Moore is all about! She’s a life coach, author, and good friend of mine. And she came on the podcast to talk about CONFIDENCE.

Susie’s been obsessed with mastering the confidence game since she was a kid. Now, she’s a confidence coach who helps people pursue success and live a life they love.

Her new book, Stop Checking Your Likes, is full of practices, mindset shifts, and life hacks to turn you into someone who lives confidently and authentically.

We planned this interview before COVID-19 changed our sense of normalcy, but Susie adapted like a champ and brought tons of valuable insight on ways you can show up for your business, despite what’s happening.

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Be Responsible

A lot of intense things are taking place on a global scale, and there’s only so much we can control. So focus on what you can control.

You’re ultimately responsible for how you spend your time.

Do what needs to be done. If your mind and body are telling you to take a break, take a break! Otherwise, evaluate the best way for you to be spending your time and go do it. You got this!

Let Go of Fear

As Susie puts it, we’re not afraid of failing, we’re afraid of what people will think about our failures.

This is what keeps us standing still when we need to act.

Susie’s entire philosophy revolves around shaking off the need for approval and pursuing success in a way that allows you to be authentic and experience joy.

What fear is holding you back?

Put Yourself Out There

Nothing good happens in the economy when money stops circulating.

It’s understandable to feel weird about selling right now, but you’re only putting the offer out there. It’s up to your customers to accept or decline.

Don’t shut down your business based on the assumption that no one will buy. Democratize it! It’s up to your customers to decide what they want.

Susie Moore is a goldmine of inspiration and insight. If you want to hear more, check out her book Stop Checking Your Likes

It’s the practical guidebook to stop worrying about what anybody else thinks so you can fill your days with more joy, fulfillment, and ease.

I think we could all use a little more of that right now.

xo, Tracy


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