#251 How to Host Your Own Virtual Art Fair with Ana Maria Andricain

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People are doing amazing things with their businesses right now! 

Many designers have actually increased their sales during this uncertain time by pivoting their business models and utilizing creative strategies to sell online.

Adaptation, creativity, and collaboration have been key to the success of our very own SOS coach, Ana Maria Andricain.

She’s no stranger to pivoting. She started her dreamy brand, Jewel of Havana, in her dressing room during her time performing on Broadway. As life twisted and turned, it soon became her full-time gig. 

After finding most of her success in the art fair and festival circuit, a cancer diagnosis forced Ana Maria to migrate to online sales, yet she continued to thrive. 

By the time COVID-19 hit and threw yet another wrench into the live show world, Ana Maria was armed with the tools to continue succeeding, no matter the circumstances. 

Her tendency for innovation led her to organize a virtual art fair with other artists and designers. It was such a huge success, she’s already planning the next one!

During a time of hardship for many businesses, Ana Maria Andricain is using live events to grow her sales and inspire other artists.

Here’s how she did it…

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Focus on Moving Forward

Mindset is everything when it comes to success. We can either let challenges and setbacks weigh us down, or we can take action. 

Making a plan not only sets us up to move forward, but it can actually help keep our minds off the things that are troubling us in the first place.

Ana Maria reminds us of how important it is to remember that it’s going to be better on the other side. We can both learn from our hardships and move beyond them.

Try New Things and Release the Results

You can’t expect to be good at everything on your first try. That’s something Ana Maria can attest to. 

It’s worth giving things a test drive (or two) before the main event. If you’ve never hosted a virtual event, take the time to get comfortable with the mechanics of the particular streaming service you’re using. 

But remember, even if you mess up, it’s just part of the learning process!

Collaboration brings us together. 

Our communities are our lifelines right now. Staying connected is what allows us to not only survive – but thrive!

Don’t be afraid to reach out! Fellow artists and designers can bring in the support you need for your event to succeed.

Hosting a collaborative live event is a fun way to connect more personally with other artists and clientele, while also expanding and sharing your audiences.

Remember to stay in touch, stay positive, and move forward!

xo, Tracy


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