#21: 4 Ways to Make a Big Splash with Your Jewelry Brand in 2016

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First off, Happy New Year!


I’m so excited to be bringing this podcast into 2016, and I couldn’t thank all of my listeners and Flourish & Thrive Academy designers enough for the amazing response. We hope you continue to join our community and learn from all of our episodes and guests. Here’s to a smashing 2016!


I wanted to kick off Episode #21 with a word on intentions. When I used to teach yoga, I would always start my classes following New Year’s Day with an intention setting session. Learning to set intentions in the context of your business is something we really stress in some of our Flourish & Thrive Academy courses, so I wanted to dedicate today’s episode to helping you set your intentions for 2016! Let’s get started!


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Defining Your DREAM Client


If you’ve taken an F&TA course, or if you’ve been listening to the podcast, you’ll know that defining your ideal, DREAM client that you desire to attract should be your #1 priority if you haven’t already done so. Once you’ve identified your DREAM client, everything else in your branding follows.


If you’ve been in business for a while, start taking a look at which clients you love, and why you love them. Try sending out simple post-purchase surveys, or simply reach out and talk to your customers to get to know them. If you’re just starting out, it’s time to ask yourself a ton of questions! Who is going to LOVE your designs and the services and products you offer more than anyone else? Picture one specific DREAM client that you would love to work with and who would love what you are offering. We offer an entire DREAM client training, so head over there if you’re still struggling to hone in on your DREAM client.


Honing in on Your Origin Story


You’ll also want to get really specific when it comes to your origin story. Your origin story is what shapes your about page, your bio, and any promotional stories you put out there about you and your brand. Your origin story is what is going to reach out to your DREAM clients more than any other piece of marketing or advertising ever will. Your origin story is something your DREAM client should read and think “Hey! They’re just like me!” or “We have XYZ in common!”


So many designers make the mistake of making their about page too much about themselves, and it ends up reading more like a resume. Instead, think about what makes your story unique, and turn your about page around to make it about your DREAM client instead.

Revamping Your Brand Goals


You’ve probably heard this many times before, but I’ll say it again: If you have no idea where you are going, there’s nowhere to go! All cliches aside, you need to be super specific when it comes to what you want out of this new year in your business. Yes, of course, all brands want to grow, but setting bite-sized monthly and weekly goals that are easily actionable is the most successful route.


We recommend creating a couple major goals for 2016, then breaking down your goals in a planner with everything from quarterly to daily goals. This is my personally proven and recommended way of keeping yourself accountable in the new year, as well as saving yourself from easily-avoidable migraines come the busy holiday season.


We couldn’t fit everything here, so don’t forget to listen to the podcast above for more Ways to Make a Big Splash in 2016 with YOUR Jewelry Brand!


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