#47 How To Get Awesome Testimonials From Your Customers

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Have you ever head of the 80/20 rule?


Here it is – 80% of your business comes from 20% of your audience.




And this is why: it’s so much easier (and cheaper) to cultivate a repeat customer than it is to introduce a brand new customer to your jewelry.


This is a principle that’s been on my mind a lot this month because…


Flourish & Thrive Academy’s 4th birthday is coming up!


Robin and I are humbled to be able to teach such a large number of jewelry designers, and we are so grateful that many of you have become committed members of our community.


We exist to offer a depth of insight and knowledge about running a jewelry business that you won’t find anywhere else… but our Success exists only because of your loyalty to our business.


This hit home for me this month as I was looking back at some of the testimonials that I’ve received over the years from customers of both F&TA and my jewelry business.


Repeat clients who giving high praise testimonials about you will build your business faster than almost anything else.


We’ve all been shopping online and taken the time to read customer reviews about a product or service before we purchased it.


Most potential new clients will trust what your other customers write about you more than they trust what you write about yourself.

And that’s why I want to spend today’s episode teaching you how to get awesome testimonials from your customers.


If 20% of your audience is bringing you 80% of your sales, why not partner with that group of devoted clients to show the rest of your world why they should become customers?


This is such a fun topic, AND we have an amazing pre birthday giveaway for you, so make sure that you listen!


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Deliver Excellent Service


This is the easiest way to start getting incredible testimonials about your business because excellent customer service can compel a client to spontaneously tell you how much they love working with you.


It’s all about relationship building. Going the extra mile is so worth receiving an email or a review from an overjoyed client telling you that they won’t ever buy from anyone but you ever again.


Ask For Feedback


The number one reason that people don’t leave feedback about a product or experience is because they aren’t asked to.


A lot of you are selling jewelry in a way that allows your to automate a system of emails after a client purchases a piece of jewelry from you. Adding an automated email asking for feedback, either in the form of a survey, reply email or social media post is a great way to see an increase in the number of customers telling you about how much they love their new jewelry.


Even if you create custom jewelry, I highly recommend sending an email a week after you deliver a piece asking for a testimonial.


Did you have hesitations in working with me? Knowing what potential factors might prohibit someone from buying from you will help you craft your marketing and your response ahead of time so that you’re prepared when the issue is raised.


What was your favorite part of the experience working with me? Your goal is always to get the most specific client testimonial that you can. This question will get your customer to give examples about what you did well and why others should work with you as well.


xo, Tracy




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