2k to 60k in Just One Year: How This Jewelry Designer Beat the Odds and Crushed Her Online Sales in 2020

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A 3,000% increase in online jewelry sales might sound impossible, but this designer actually did it – and during a global pandemic, no less!

Emily C. Johnson has never been able to keep away from making jewelry. She started her first jewelry business in 5th grade, selling friendship bracelets to kids at school.

Who could have predicted that this adorable hobby would be the precursor to a career making and selling ethically-sourced, mixed metal jewelry?

By 2019, Emily had made a name for her brand, EC Designs. Most of her income came from designing custom engagement rings for in-person clients, as well as working with local galleries to sell wholesale and consignment work.

Emily’s jewelry brand was doing well, but the work was demanding. All her income was dependent on her ability to be in-person at her small studio in Minneapolis. 

EC Designs only had a small presence online, and Emily primarily used it as a “showcase” to bring in more local clients.

Any time she took time off, or went on vacation, or got sick, her entire business had to come to a screeching halt.

Emily knew this business model was not going to be sustainable in the long-run if she wanted to grow a six-figure jewelry business.

That’s when a fellow jewelry designer recommended Momentum, our online jewelry business mastermind program.

Emily understood that in order to get her business to a place that would allow her to step away, she was going to need a little bit of help.

On January 1st, 2020, she enrolled in the program, right before the global pandemic.

Joining Momentum during such a turbulent time would actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

When the pandemic hit, Momentum was such an amazing support for just changing the way we did business and being able to talk to other business owners about that,” Emily told me, “we were all kind of figuring it out and struggling together.”

In fact, the pandemic didn’t seem to get in Emily’s way of achieving skyrocketing success during her first year.

In 2019, Emily made $2,000 in online sales. By the end of 2020, her first year in Momentum, that number shot up to $60,000 in online jewelry sales.

And all the while she was still doing as much in-person work as she could. The online sales were just bonus income!

This is thanks to a few very simple – but vital – changes she made to her jewelry business. Including…

  • Focusing on her email list and increasing the frequency of her online communication with clients.
  • Hiring another employee so she could spend more time outside the studio whenever she needed to.
  • And so much more…

For Emily’s jewelry business business, increasing her sales really came down to communicating with her customers online and building better relationships.

[Momentum] really helped me just understand that you can be…reaching out to clients in a more, you know, helpful and informational way as opposed to just when you want them to buy something.” Emily continues, “That can really help cultivate a relationship with the client.

Plus, the ability to complete the program at her own pace made it easier for her to dedicate time to working on her business and fit it into her already busy schedule.

Today, Emily continues to implement what she learned in Momentum, and her online jewelry sales continue to grow.

“I would recommend Momentum to anyone who is looking to grow their business,” Emily says, “I think it's a really great support system to help you expand, because that can be very challenging and overwhelming.” 

If you’re ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and start scaling your jewelry business online, Momentum is the program you’ve been looking for. Apply for FREE a Strategy Audit today.