#304 3 Reasons Your Audience Growth Has Stalled

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Do you ever feel like you’re putting in the work, doing everything right, and still not seeing any big changes in your business?

Hitting a business plateau is the number one reason jewelry designers and makers join our coaching programs.

If your audience growth online has stalled, it can be difficult to reach new customers like the ones you already have. 

This is most likely because you’re marketing to the same people over and over again and not reaching new audiences.

Whether you’re struggling to stay afloat or striving for that next big milestone, I hope this episode can help you identify ways you can create a sustainable flow of interest in your business that doesn’t rely on sheer algorithm luck. 

On top of all that, she also works with our Momentum coaching students to build and optimize Shopify websites that resonate with their Dream Clients and drive sales.

There are three big reasons for stalled audience growth, and I see it all the time when I’m working with designers to uplevel their businesses.

As you’re following along, try to be honest with yourself about where you need to improve. It makes all the difference.

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You’re Not Being Consistent

Consistency is the key to retaining and growing your audience.

Take an honest look at your online strategy. What are you doing consistently, and how can you do better about getting the word out?

Some areas to look at would be…

  • PR
  • Promotional Content
  • Referral Incentives
  • An Ambassador Program
  • Ad Strategy
  • Email marketing

Dial in the strategies that work best for your brand and be consistent to continue amplifying your growth.

You’re Stuck on a Learning Curve

There’s a learning curve to everything.

When it comes to online content, the big learning curve for me has been the ever-changing technology. 

I’m just now figuring out how to consistently edit and post Instagram reels. 

You may be struggling with a specific aspect of your online presence, like algorithms, tech, or figuring out what your audience wants.

Get the help that you need to overcome the learning curve. This could mean finding support from mentors and a community or just dedicating a few hours to teaching yourself a new skill.

You’re Overwhelmed

Overcoming overwhelm is an ongoing challenge. 

As a designer and maker, you have to protect your boundaries and carefully structure your time to avoid becoming burnt out.

When you do feel overwhelmed, often the most important stuff gets pushed to the side.

If you find yourself focusing on repetitive, easy tasks that aren’t really moving the needle in your business, I’d recommend sitting down for a “Do, Ditch, & Delegate” exercise.

Listen to the full episode above for a breakdown of this exercise and how it can help you reassess your priorities to beat overwhelm.

xo, Tracy


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