#303 The 5 Most Important Pages on Your Website with Coach Erin Alexander

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When was the last time you took an honest look at your website?

Your website may be the most important asset for your eCommerce brand. It’s a 24/7 one-stop-shop for customers to shop your products and learn about what you do.

Yet, far too many designers are working with outdated and unoptimized sites. This can seriously get in the way of your sales and business goals.

A website audit with Erin Alexander may be just what you need.

Erin is the owner of Product Powerhouse and host of a podcast by the same name. She’s also a Shopify web designer for her agency, where she helps shop owners build an incredible online presence.

On top of all that, she also works with our Momentum coaching students to build and optimize Shopify websites that resonate with their Dream Clients and drive sales.

Erin sat down with me to talk about the five most important pages on your website, and how to improve them.

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About Page

Most brands get their about page wrong, and here’s why: it’s not actually about you.

It might sound counterintuitive, but your about page should really be about your customer. It should be centered on how you can help them and why they should feel connected to your brand.

Think of it as a tool for telling your story in a way that makes your customer the hero, and that inspires them to take the next step and engage with your brand.

Home Page

The home page is an opportunity to show off your creativity. It should encapsulate your business as a whole.

Sometimes we take those emotions to be true when they are often just a feeling or a memory of an experience. 

What do you want your customer to see first when they click on your website?

Erin encourages you to be very visual and show pictures of people enjoying your products. This makes it more tangible for potential customers.

And remember, always include a call to action front and center to guide your customer through your website.

Product Page

While you might think of your home page as the first stop on your website, many people will actually land on a product page before anything else. 

Your product pages are what tend to rank in search results, and that makes them the most important page on your website.

For more advice on how to optimize your product page, and the rest of your website for that matter, listen to the full episode above.

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