Best Practices

3 Steps to Honor Yourself During the Holidays

By Sharon Kwon / December 23, 2014

Do you feel frazzled these last few days before Christmas? I know I do. Every year, without fail, I feel burned out right before Christmas comes. In fact, I shipped my last three orders of the year yesterday!…

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The 4 R’s: Review, Revise, Refocus and Reward

By Sharon Kwon / December 2, 2014

Can you believe we are already DEEP into Holiday Selling Season? I know! Tracy & I can’t believe it either! Before any of us know it, January will be here and we’ll be off to a fresh start…

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The Importance of Celebrating Your Customers

By Sharon Kwon / November 25, 2014

Robin & I just love celebrating YOU, our loyal community of designers! Here in United States, one of our favorite national holidays is Thanksgiving! We in the jewelry industry knows exactly what that means: Black Friday, Small Business…

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Collection Development Timelines for Jewelry Designers

By Sharon Kwon / November 18, 2014

During the busy Holiday season, it is JUST incredible how quickly time flies. Wouldn’t you agree? Before you know it, it’s time to develop your spring collection! December was always an insanely busy month for TMD: we were…

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3 Success Strategies You Need to Survive in the New Economy of Wholesale

By Sharon Kwon / November 11, 2014

Mastering your wholesale jewelry business is an art! Surviving in the new economy of wholesale can feel like a sink or swim business…and in fact it kind of is! Grabbing the attention of retail buyers is one thing–getting…

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5 Organization & Productivity Tools for Jewelry Designers Who Procrastinate

By Sharon Kwon / October 28, 2014

Over the weekend, I did it again! I got completely overwhelmed, bagged my writing and designing list and cleaned out my closets instead!  I’m not kidding… While my closets did need a little work, I had some time…

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My Secret to Building a Jewelry Business

By Sharon Kwon / October 21, 2014

Building a jewelry business takes a lot of determination and persistence. Ultimately, it comes down to creating connections with your clients. Recently, I was working with a mastermind designer who had been courting the owner of her ultimate…

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Tips On How to Sell Luxury Jewelry Online Successfully

By Sharon Kwon / September 30, 2014

Greetings from Italy… I’ve been here for a few days enjoying Italian food and wine and beautiful Italian fashion. While I was in Rome, I was gazing into the Buccelatti windows drooling over a beautiful emerald and diamond…

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How to Talk About Your Jewelry Designs (without feeling Skeevie)

By Sharon Kwon / September 16, 2014

Do you agree? Talking about your jewelry designs can be totally nerve-wracking! When I was first starting out as a designer, I was VERY sensitive about my work. It felt totally weird and even a little skeevie to…

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Summer Sales Resource Roundup

By Sharon Kwon / August 26, 2014

Tis’ the season to ignite your sales initiatives for the Holiday season! Trade shows are winding down for Fall/Resort 2014 and stores are placing their wholesale orders now through September. Even if you don’t desire to wholesale your…

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