EP 333: 3 Ways to Play Bigger in 2022


In order to live a big full life, you have to have the highs and lows and the full spectrum of emotions to have that full experience.

We’re winding down to the last week of the year and I’m really thrilled to play bigger and do something different in 2022. 

I mentioned this last week, that the past two years have been the best 2 years of my life, but there was also a lot of intensity to them. 

Although I’ve made a multi-million dollar company, there are things that I’ve done that aren’t necessarily serving me in a way I want to move forward in my life right now.

And I’ll admit that I’ve noticed myself getting caught in comparisonitis mode. 

Now, I’m telling you my lessons and experience because I’m a real person. And I think any entrepreneur who says that they don’t struggle is full of sh*t. 

So I had to step back to restructure and fix my business and re-evaluate. I had to check myself before I wreck myself. 

That’s what this episode is all about. It’s designed to remind us to play a little bigger in the new year.

But before we get big, let’s evaluate and find out if we are playing small.

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What is playing small?

It usually boils down to letting fear be the driver of your decision-making process.

We’ve seen this a lot in the world in the last two years. And obviously, everyone has a different life situation. 

But for your jewelry business, ask yourself…

  • Are you passive and waiting for things to happen to you instead of going after them?
  • Are you envious of others when they reach a goal, or do you celebrate with them?
  • Do you have issues with people sharing or selling their product or service despite delivering a lot of value?
  • Are you afraid to use your voice or share your story with the world?
  • Do you let criticism paralyze you and stop you from moving forward?
  • Are you settling for mediocrity?
  • Are you choosing to set smaller goals and playing it safe instead of stretching and reaching different milestones in your business?
  • Are you saying one thing but taking completely counterintuitive actions? 

Evaluate yourself and your business. List out and acknowledge these issues and be honest with yourself. Because a lot of times, I don’t think a lot of us are conscious that we’re sabotaging ourselves and letting fear lead us. 

Now let me walk you through how to play bigger.

Do Something That Scares The Sh*t Out of You

Reach out and set bigger goals. Get in touch with potential partners aligned with your brand's vision who are entirely out of your league.

Talk to influencers, publications, potential partners, or wholesale accounts. You don’t have to be attached to the outcome. 

Even if it doesn’t work out, this is just showing the universe that you’re ready for something bigger.

Be Mindful of What You Think, Feel, Do and Say to Yourself and Others

Are you stating what you don’t want instead of what you want?

If you are, you're programming your brain to focus on the negative instead of the positive outcome.

You have to stop getting consumed by the things that don’t really matter. Like things that don’t move the needle or make a difference in your life. 

Sometimes you could work with 100 people, and 99 are completely satisfied with you and what you do. But then there’s this one person who thinks you did a sh*tty job and you become consumed and totally derailed by it. 

Don’t let that get the worst of you.

Stop Trying To Do It All Alone

Ask for help. Make sure that you always have a support system around you. That might be a confidant, a friend, or a business coach. 

I highly recommend getting yourself a coach and being part of a coaching program or joining a mastermind group for feedback.

At Flourish and Thrive, we have Laying The Foundation or Momentum, depending on where you are in your business.

It could also be attending an event of a like-minded community like our Creatives Rule the World retreat.

What’s important is that you surround yourself with credible people you can talk to. People who’ve already done what you’re trying to do.

Maybe it’s even talking to a therapist or having an open conversation with a friend you deeply trust. 

Invest in yourself, uplevel your skills, and be open to feedback when someone gives you constructive criticism. 

Don’t get defensive. Think, “what can I learn from this – instead of immediately saying “that won’t work for me.” 

And finally, I want to remind you it’s equally important to remove people from your life who are not supportive.

xo, Tracy

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