Best Practices

15 Sales & Marketing ideas to make your Cyber Monday (and Black Friday) a success

By Tracy Matthews / November 19, 2013

You’ve been planning, plotting and preparing and the time has finally arrived… the holiday sales season is in full force! Black Friday marks the “start” of the retail season for holiday gift purchases. For those of you with…

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Year End Accounting Strategies for Jewelry Designers

By Tracy Matthews / November 12, 2013

Guest Author: Mariel Heart Hello dear jewelry insider, are you a one-person enterprise wearing all the hats? Or, have you stepped up to professional level and have help allowing you to focus on your specialties? In whatever phase…

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8 Crucial Components to Lay a Strong Foundation for Your Jewelry Business

By Tracy Matthews / November 5, 2013

Jewelry designers ask us all of the time about the most important consideration when building a jewelry business. The short answer is sales, but the long answer comes down to this question: “How does a jewelry designer attract…

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How to Deal with Difficult Jewelry Clients

By Tracy Matthews / October 29, 2013

One of the challenging things about running a jewelry business especially when you are keeping your business lean, is that you have to wear many hats. In my business model, client relations aka customer service, has always been…

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Stop worrying about making your goals and start achieving them! Q&A with Lisa Jacobs

By Tracy Matthews / October 22, 2013

Today, I am really excited to be interviewing Lisa Jacobs, the multi-passionate jewelry designer, creative coach and all things creative. I am really excited to chat with her today for many reasons. Especially, because she talks candidly about…

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The Secret to a Successful Jewelry Business + the Benefits of a Mastermind Program

By Tracy Matthews / October 15, 2013

I want to ask you a question. In your opinion, what does success mean to you? Every jewelry designer will most likely will have a different answer. Success might mean: Having a balanced work & family life Reaching…

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Mystery Solved: the Top 10 Topics to Cover on Your Jewelry Blog

By Tracy Matthews / October 8, 2013

Over the past several months, Robin & I have been teaching one of our signature courses, Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales, over here at Flourish & Thrive Academy. During the training we focus on different ways to promote…

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The Inside Scoop on Hiring Sales Reps for Your Jewelry Business

By Robin Kramer / October 1, 2013

Tracy and I love our community of jewelry designers! Last week we were on a call with the jewelry designers who are taking our Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales course and the subject of sales reps came up.…

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The Power of Being Persistent & Consistent

By Tracy Matthews / September 24, 2013

The holiday sales season is here! Now more than ever you need to be on your game running your jewelry business. But it’s easy to get off track. It’s very common to have feelings of frustration or to…

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Unique Ways to Host Jewelry Parties for the Holidays

By Tracy Matthews / September 17, 2013

In NYC, the city is abuzz:: New York Fashion Week just ended, Instagram feeds are going off with the newest collections and stores are having their own version of sip & see parties. It’s all the prep to…

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