You’re Invited to a Free Branding Call with Laura Garnett

By flourishthrive / October 23, 2012

Due to the overwhelming response, we are having a FREE call with Laura Garnett the Business Matchmaker. Laura is a branding expert who is a master at helping entrepreneurs uncover their Zone of Genius! WHAT Genius Brand Barrier #1 – This…

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Zone of Genius + Business Matchmaking = Your Best Business

By Tracy Matthews / October 10, 2012

You are talented, you make lovely jewelry. People want to buy it. That’s enough, right? The answer: sort of. It’s a fact: people who combine their innate talents with their greatest passion are the best at what they…

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Be Famous: How To Showcase Your Designs

By Tracy Matthews / September 5, 2012

Author: Beth Smith Your products are an extension of you. You love them. You create them. They reflect you and your passions. So, don’t just shuttle them off into a corner and hope to “sell them one day.”…

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logo for a jewelry brand

Why the Right Logo for a Jewelry Brand Makes All the Difference

By Tracy Matthews / August 13, 2012

Choosing the right logo for a jewelry brand is an important decision. Any company can grow quickly with the right branding, and your logo is at the center of it all. Iconic brands all have iconic logos, it’s…

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