Online Marketing

How This Jewelry Designer Got an 83% Increase in Online Sales & Sailed the World

By Tracy Matthews / December 4, 2018

*We feature stories from our community to inspire others to launch, grow, and scale successful jewelry businesses that support their desired lifestyle. Today’s story is an awesome example of how to create a business that works for your…

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How to Market Jewelry Online and 4x Your Sales in 4 Months!

By Tracy Matthews / November 26, 2018

Today I wanted to feature a case study from a real-life jewelry designer who wanted to know how to market jewelry online. Flourish & Thrive Academy is an online jewelry business education company where we teach independent jewelry…

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#124 The Overnight Website Makeover with Kristen Baird-Rabun

By Tracy Matthews / November 21, 2017

Ever wonder what’s holding you back from serious website sales?   Well, truth be told, it might be your website itself!   Never fear, m’dear, because I’ve got you totally covered!   I am so excited about today’s…

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#116 How to Use Messenger Bots to Increase Sales, Build Your List and Nurture Customer Relationships

By Tracy Matthews / September 26, 2017

Email inbox getting out of hand?   You’re not alone!   One way to connect with customers in a non-email way is setting up Facebook Messenger automatic replies…or bots!   Like robots.   Yes, we have arrived to…

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#114 Digital Marketing Momentum Series Part 4: How to use Paid Traffic and Automation to Sell on Autopilot

By Tracy Matthews / September 21, 2017

“If you build it, they won’t come”   Maybe that’s not how you remember the quote from Field of Dreams, but you gotta remember this phrase when you’re thinking about your website!   Building a website without telling…

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#111 Digital Marketing Momentum Series Part 1: Your Sold Out E-Store Website Checklist

By Tracy Matthews / September 18, 2017

What happens when someone buys from you online?   For a lot of jewelry designers I work with, the answer is, “I respond to their message, make or find the item, and ship the item!”   Girl, if…

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#108 How to Run a Successful Side Hustle Jewelry Business with Susie Moore

By Tracy Matthews / August 29, 2017

Do you get the feeling you’re meant for something more?   Maybe your current job pays the bills, but it’s nothing more than that.   You’re ready to explore earning a living doing something you’re passionate about!  …

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#105 Easy! 5 Action Steps to Boost Your Sales Using Pinterest

By Tracy Matthews / August 8, 2017

Rich pins, shoppable pins, and promoted pins. Do you know the difference? If your answer is “um…what?” you’re not alone! We’re getting a bunch of questions about how to grow your Pinterest account lately. So, you guessed it,…

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#104 Etsy Overhaul for the Holiday Season with Amber Harder

By Tracy Matthews / August 1, 2017

Etsy traffic fluctuates.   It’s not like having a personal website where you can control content and SEO settings, but it’s a great starting point to get some exposure for your jewelry brand!   Maybe you noticed, they’re…

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#103 How to Become a Better Copy Writer for Your Jewelry Business

By Tracy Matthews / July 25, 2017

Copy writing for a jewelry business is different from typical “online marketing” copywriting.   Why?   Selling physical products means you gotta have a lot of great words to paint a picture of your customers wearing your jewelry!…

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