#65 Last Minute PR Placement Tips and Strategies for Holiday Sales into 2017 with Sabina Hitchen

By Tracy Matthews / November 1, 2016

If you haven’t got any PR lined up for your holiday sales…   You’ve still got time!   You read that right, even if you haven’t started on your 2016 holiday season PR plan…   …there’s still time…

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#64 Practical Planning with Creative Vision with Patricia van den Akker

By Tracy Matthews / October 25, 2016

It’s time to start planning for your 2017 business year!   I know what you’re thinking…   For weeks we’ve been telling you that you’ve got to be focusing on your Holiday sales season.   And now we’re…

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#63 Memorable Moments and Takeaways from F&TA Live 2016

By Tracy Matthews / October 18, 2016

Your life (or your business) can change in a single moment.   Or in the case of our Flourish & Thrive LIVE event last month…two days worth of moments.   I finally feel like my feet are back…

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#62 How to Pivot Your Jewelry Business Direction Practically and Patiently

By Tracy Matthews / October 11, 2016

There aren’t many things worse than feeling trapped, especially by your business.   Have you ever felt like your business is was dragging you down?   You’re not alone….   I was talking to one of our mastermind…

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#61 To consign or not to consign, that is the question with Robin Kramer

By Tracy Matthews / October 4, 2016

Consignment.   If you’ve been selling to stores at all you’ve likely been asked to consign your jewelry.   Robin and I are hosting this episode together today because we get asked “All Of The Time” for our…

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#60 How to Use Instagram to Spike Your Holiday Sales with Melissa Camilleri

By Tracy Matthews / September 27, 2016

Now that F&TA Live is over…there is only one thing I’m thinking about…. The big debate…. No, not the presidential debate last night (not going to get political here)…. But the debate about the new changes in Instagram…

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#59 How 6 Designers Grew their businesses like crazy in 6 months

By Tracy Matthews / September 20, 2016

Who do you turn to when you have a question about your jewelry biz?   When I was first starting out as a designer, I turned to my friend Suzi, who was a sweater designer. She had been…

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#58 How to Spark Ideas for Headlines that Sparkle with Laura Belgray

By Tracy Matthews / September 13, 2016

Stuck!?!   There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like you have nothing good to say (or write)!   Let’s get real darlings…we’ve all been there before.   Tell me-   How many hours have you spent staring…

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#57 Blogging Tips for Increasing Website Traffic

By Tracy Matthews / September 6, 2016

Orlando Bloom…Felix the Cat…Lucky Magazine.   Kinda Random topics for a jewelry blog…but they were the topics I chose during my first month blogging back in 2008.   Like many of you who are new to blogging, I…

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#56 How to Harmonize Your Workflow with Melissa Kaiserman

By Tracy Matthews / August 30, 2016

The most successful jewelry businesses are born out of what we love to do. Right? I am sure you can relate. So what would it take to grow your business in alignment with your dreams? When I started…

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