#246 Simple Jewelry Bench Tips with Corkie Bolton of Metalsmith Society

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Breaking news: double-sided tape is about to rock your world.

At least, that’s what happened to me when I sat down with Corkie Bolton for a second round of podcasting!

It’s so great to meet other jewelers with a passion for making the jewelry industry a more supportive and inspiring place, and Corkie is one of the best!

Last time, she shared her story about founding Metalsmith Society, a community for jewelers to come together and share tips and tricks for working on the bench and improving your jewelry-making process!

This time, she’s sharing 7 of her favorite jeweler life hacks that she’s picked up over the years.

I bet there’s at least one of these you’ve never heard before…

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Tip #1: Draw grid lines on your soldering block.

Sent in by @pyrus_designs.

Tip #2: Use a binder clip to support your cross-locking tweezers.

Sent in by @myrockblues.

Tip #3: Use a penny from before 1982 as a sautering prop!

Sent in by @kkbmetalstudio.

Tip #4: Stick small metal details to double-sided tape for sanding.

Sent in by @mooncoocoo_jewelry.

Tip #5: Use double-sided tape to test out your setting before you commit to soldering.

Sent in by @quiettimejewelry.

Tip #6: Double-sided tape can also be used for laying out and organizing your work.

Sent in by @adornedsmithingco.

Tip #7: How to get the perfect oval shape for your chains.

Sent in by @goldandjayejewelry.

Don’t forget to follow Metalsmith Society on Instagram for more bench tips, and check out Corkie’s website where you can search for specific topics!

xo, Tracy


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