#75 How to Create an Unforgettable Jewelry Brand (and Get Customers for Life)

By Tracy Matthews / January 10, 2017

Think of your favorite musician. The one you’ve listened to a million times, whose songs you belt out in the shower, the car, and the subway. (Oops! Yes, there were totally other people there.) For me this is…

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#74 How to Make More, Sell More, and Get Noticed This Year

By Tracy Matthews / January 3, 2017

Think back to the last time you sold at a jewelry show. What do you do when someone comes up to your booth?   Did you hide?   I know you didn’t … but I’ve totally seen designers…

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#73 How to Make Up Your Mind When Your Fear Becomes Overwhelming

By Tracy Matthews / December 27, 2016

What emotions come to mind when you succeed?   Good ones, right?   You’re queen of the mountain! You feel happy, strong, brave, smart, and confident. You’re walking on air:; all smiles.   It’s amazing.   What about…

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#72 Building a Better Brand Presence with Arianne Foulks

By Tracy Matthews / December 20, 2016

Have you DREAMED of having the kind of brand that makes you Insta-famous? Or having web traffic for days?   I bet you have.   … But how to get there?   You know that adage; flaunt it,…

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#71 Fun Financial Planning for Your Jewelry Business with Justin Krane

By Tracy Matthews / December 13, 2016

Who said financial planning has to be a chore? Stressing over a mess of paper is so last year.   Well, maybe you can’t get rid of the papers, but, it can totally be fun.   I’m serious!…

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#70 Do I Really need a business plan? With Nina Cooper

By Tracy Matthews / December 6, 2016

Oh the controversial business plan….   Have you written one yet?   … Why not?   I bet it goes a little something like this…   Taking the time to write a business plan…might feel like a time…

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#69 End of Year Planning Prep with Robin Kramer

By Tracy Matthews / November 29, 2016

The holidays are officially here, so there’s no doubt you’re super busy with orders and shows.   But all the craziness aside, there’s one other thing you might have forgotten…   Planning for 2017!   I know it…

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#68 Boost Your E-Commerce Sales with Steve Chou

By Tracy Matthews / November 22, 2016

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to boost their e-commerce sales?   Of course you do!   If you have an online business, you’re likely gearing up for the busiest few weeks of the year.   The holidays…

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#67 Incorporating Philanthropy into Your Jewelry Biz

By Tracy Matthews / November 14, 2016

How many of you donate to charities or a cause that you’re passionate about?   How many of you WANT to donate a percentage of sales or profits to your favorite cause, but aren’t sure where to begin?…

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#66 Maximize Your Black Friday Trifecta Promotion

By Tracy Matthews / November 8, 2016

Welcome to crunch time!   In our jewelry biz world, these next 16 days are like finals week college or the night before your wedding.   They are make or break.   Just a reminder (but I’m sure…

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