#248 6 Online Sales Strategies that Are Working Now

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I want to tell you something: it’s OKAY if you’re feeling overwhelmed right now.

The changes we’re experiencing are causing a lot of fear and uncertainty and I understand how that might paralyze you and keep you feeling a little stuck.

Whenever I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, I like to look outward at the inspiring designers in our community who are setting a stellar example of how to not let stress and uncertainty affect your ability to move forward.

We’re creatives – we excel at thinking outside the box and finding ways to keep designing and inspiring, no matter what.

You’re in good company.

Today, I want to highlight just a few examples of effective strategies designers are using to move their sales online and spread positivity at the same time.

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Put A Positive Spin On Things

Right now, people are looking for sources of inspiration and positivity to brighten their days. I encourage you to think of ways you can connect with and uplift your customers.

One creative SOS student came up with the genius idea of selling ‘Thinking of You’ bracelets. Her customers bought 100+ of these custom bracelets to send to friends and family as a fun surprise. 

Go Live

All maker’s fairs and craft shows have been shut down for the foreseeable future, but you can still host your own virtual trunk show online.

Hosting a virtual trunk show is an opportunity for customers from around the world to connect with you and your brand. 

Not only can this approach drive sales – but with the right urgency strategy, it also helps build hype and excitement on your social media accounts and allows clients to feel a personal connection with you.

Here’s how Lisa Lehmann made $7,000 with a two-hour virtual trunk show!

Show You Care

Small gestures of kindness are extra meaningful right now. 

And on top of that, people have so much extra time to scroll through social media, check their emails, and read their mail.

Direct mail is an option for connecting with your customers in a more personal way. Something as simple as a postcard or thank you note can go a long way in brightening their day and keeping your brand top of mind!

Here’s how Miriam Schulman uses snail mail to reach her customers.

Remember, many of your customers still have the means to purchase things they don’t “need” right now.

If you’re wondering if that’s true, I want to ask you this:

Have you purchased ANYTHING you don’t need over the past few weeks just because it made you feel good? I know I have.

Take this opportunity to reframe the way you think about sales and keep putting yourself out there.

xo, Tracy


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