EP337: Help and Hope for Start Ups and Makers with Full Time Jobs with Candice Eve Padro

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“I have so many more options now to grow the business that I wouldn’t have before. So if you want to take it seriously, I would definitely make an investment in yourself and in your business.”

If you are someone who wants to transition from your career or have a full-time job or a full-time mom, just trying to make time to get your business off the ground, then this podcast is for you.

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Blue Hair and Tattoos

Candice grew up in Queens in New York and thought no other city could match New York.

At 13, she saw Betsey Johnson’s fashion show, and she was mind blown. She got inspired by Betsey’s crazy hair, clothes, jewelry and had fun seeing her do cartwheels on the runway. 

She enjoyed it so much she wanted blue hair and tattoos someday.

Above all, Betsey inspired her to have her own thing and work for herself.

Candice studied metalsmithing and jewelry design in college at Rochester Institute of Technology. She also started in-person craft shows while a student.

After graduation, she got hired as a product developer for a Korean jewelry company for a short while.

She is now working with Avon for seven years, where she handles Avon’s 40% sterling silver and women’s stainless steel collection.

Launching while the World was Shutting Down

In 2018, Candice started taking business and social media courses and started building her website. She also got her first collection together. 

By January of 2020, she launched her website. But around March, the world shut down because of the pandemic.


Candice is pretty much still in the start-up phase of growing her jewelry business. Because she launched during the pandemic, she struggles to get people’s eyes into her work because she didn’t have the opportunity to do in-person shows because of COVID.

She was also having issues with manufacturers. She was getting pieces that had burnt plating, crooked stones, and you could see the glue used. They charged her crazy prices then her manufacturer from Manhattan ghosted her.

Guidance Specifically for Product-Based Business

Candice started taking business and social media coaching. Still, she couldn’t find specific coaching for product-based businesses, let alone a jewelry business. 

She said she needed guidance on a lot of things like:

  • How to do wholesale?
  • How to register her business as an LLC?
  • How to go about her tax ID number?
  • The nitty-gritty about managing a business selling online compared to going to shows?
  • How to make side cash?
  • How does she turn her jewelry business into her primary source of income?

Mindshift and Finding Answers

Candice learned about Flourish and Thrive (FTA) through her dad’s ex-girlfriend in high school, who was impressed by her jewelry pieces. So, she followed FTA for a month. When enrollment for Laying the Foundation Program (LTF) was announced, she immediately signed up. 

One of the best things she learned in FTA and LTF is mindset

Developing the right mindset helped her a lot because she lived in Brooklyn. So she thought her rent was half of her salary, and she did not have enough to set up a studio with a bench and torch. She was also still having problems with manufacturers despite being in the diamond district in Manhattan. 

Then she realized the answers to her manufacturing problem had been within her reach all along.

She always thought that New York had the best manufacturers while offshore manufacturers had a bad rep. 

But working at Avon debunked this belief as she worked with well-vetted and excellent manufacturers.

So after some time, she finally reached out to them to help her with her business, and they were thrilled and ready to support her.

Community and Accountability

Candice is always thinking of what to do next for her business, so she asks everybody in the FTA Diamond Insider’s community when questions arise. 

She says everyone jumps on everybody’s questions to help them achieve their goals, and she has made great friends in the community and the weekly calls.

Candice also said that being coached by someone who has their own jewelry business and doing it on a daily basis is really awesome because she’s getting accurate advice from their knowledge and experience.

And because she is at the beginning stage, seeing people sell 6-figures or more a year has inspired her. Some of these 6-figure jewelry owners have also become her accountability partners and share their knowledge with her. 

Candice says she loves staying involved in the community.

“I'm a true artist. I’m a very dreamy person, so if I’m left to my own devices nothing will happen, because I’ll just eat, sitting and dreaming up my dreams and never implement anything. I need accountability.”

Structure, Time Management, and Productivity

After taking LTF, Candice said she learned how to strategize and preplan.

Now she has legitimate strategies that will bring revenue to her business and a structure where she sets time aside every day to move her business.

She learned time blocking from Dawn (one of the coaches) which has been a big help because her job was very demanding. 

She was usually slammed all day, every day. With time blocking, she figured out how to merge her work schedule and lock her time out. 

She locks her work calendar, too, so no one puts meetings on her calendar for that time.

Now she has time for her business, which she didn’t have before.
She says, “strategy, planning, and more structure have definitely helped get my mind straight.”

After 6 Months

Candice says, “As creatives, we come up with all the ideas. It’s just how to rein it in and implement it that’s what’s needed. It’s definitely been a huge help. Got so much done this year.”

She started in February, then did Diamond Insiders (DI).

Her biggest goal was to cover the invoices from her manufacturers so she’s not paying out of pocket. And she did it.

Before LTF, she didn’t know about the email list and platforms like Klaviyo and Mailchimp. Now, she has 48 more people on her email list. 

She also grew her Instagram followers to 60%. By implementing what she learned in her LTF lessons, like networking with other small businesses like sellers of bath products and similar companies. 

She’s also monetizing her blog, added Tiktok and Pinterest accounts, and plans to grow them in 2022. 

Candice says, “the percentage for my sales is gonna sound crazy. It’s increased 300% from the year before!”

Invest in Yourself and Your Business

Candice said, “LTF opened many doors for me… I have so many options now like to grow the business in different avenues that I wouldn’t have done before. So, if you want to take this seriously, I would definitely make an investment in yourself and in your business.”

Listen to the full episode above to hear Candice’s inspiring story about Help and Hope for Start-Ups and Makers with Full-Time Jobs. 

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