EP338 The Structure That Helps You Reach Your Goals with Joel Ingwaldson

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One of the biggest reasons creative businesses fail is because they aren’t structured to grow.

Even though you can get some sales traction by doing all the things and putting yourself out there  eventually you’ll burn out.

Sustainable, long-term growth can’t be achieved until you get the right systems in place to set yourself up for success.

If you’re a struggling designer trying to get more traction in your jewelry business, I want you to meet Joel Ingwaldson.

Joel has been in the jewelry industry for over 25 years. From managing retail and bridal stores to overseeing the back end of manufacturing and design, she built a thriving corporate career in the jewelry industry.

Then one day, a health scare inspired her to reevaluate her future vision.

She came on the podcast to tell her story of leaving corporate to build a wildly successful jewelry business.

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A Healing Journey

Due to her health, Joel had to take an extended leave from her corporate job.

It was during this time, in between surgeries, that she rediscovered her love for jewelry design as a creative outlet.

She started putting pieces together and selling them to friends and family. Her little side hobby was quickly growing into a profitable source of revenue, so she took the leap and committed to starting a full-time jewelry brand.

Facing A Sales Plateau

Joel was running on pure excitement for

her first three years. She was doing her own thing, making her own money, and totally crushing it! 

But slowly, her business started to dwindle, and she realized she was running it like the Wild Wild West. She had no structure or foundation to sustain it, and was just shooting from her hip all the time. 

She became tired, and when COVID hit, her business was almost taken down because she was mostly doing pop-ups and in-person events. 

Joel was humbled, and she knew she wanted to have a sustainable business and a laid-out plan. 

She initially ignored Flourish &

Thrive because she thought she knew what she was doing. But after COVID, she couldn’t access her dream clients, and her website was not performing. 

She was frustrated and was clueless about what she needed to do.

Scoop the Cream and Implement

When Joel finally enrolled in Laying the Foundation and accessed the Diamond Insider’s

community, she just zipped it up, listened to all modules, and “scooped the cream.”

Joel said there was too much information, and she couldn’t take it all in. 

So whatever resonated, she’d scoop it, implement, scoop again, and implement.

She finally found a structure for her jewelry business through LTF. She also learned how to make quarterly goals and implement them properly. She learned to slow down, reel things in, let them sink in, and craft a clear vision for what she wanted.

The Impact of Professional Mentorship

Through Laying the Foundation , Joel found support she describes as “priceless.”

She found joy in uplifting fellow designers and bouncing ideas off of others in the community. She’s no longer trying to figure it all out on her own. 

Joel’s business went from  bootstrapped to a sales increase of 380% for the year, and her website sales shot

up 54% for the year. She also passed her stretch goal a lot faster, and she’s now growing her signature collection. 

Joel says she is experienced and knows a lot about the jewelry industry, but she’s still growing and learning. 
Listen to the full episode above to hear Joel’s inspiring journey from corporate leader to full-time jewelry entrepreneur. Discover how she scoops the cream from the torrent of information and then implements it  effectively in her business.

xo, Tracy


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