EP341 Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp Recap

EP 341 Blog Feature

If you want to grow your business, but your current strategies aren’t working… then the only path to growth is change.

Last February, we officially wrapped up our EPIC Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp and closed the doors to our Laying the Foundation program. We had such a blast, and many members have been raving about the event.

Around 6,000 people joined us for the event, and it was such a blast.

So in today’s episode, I want to do a quick recap and share the key takeaways from the event to help you succeed in your jewelry business.

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3 Days of Strategies to Grow Your Jewelry Business

We structured the bootcamp so we could focus on a key topic each day.

On Day 1, we talked in-depth about identifying the core crossover values that mattered to you as a business owner and to your dream clients.   

Then on Day 2, we did a deep dive into IG Reels and social media strategies to get engagement and inspire your customers to take the next step.

And on Day 3, we gave powerful exercises and training about success mindset and flipping your beliefs so you can achieve your vision of success as a jewelry business owner.

Connecting With A Fun Community of Jewelry Designers

Community is everything to us at Flourish & Thrive Academy. We made sure to break up the serious stuff with entertaining contests and exciting giveaways.

We had the Sharing Contest, which was all about sharing the Bootcamp event with your circle of friends. The five random winners received a signed copy of my best-selling book, The Desired Brand Effect

There’s also the Collection Review Contest. Participants had to take a screenshot of their collection and tell us why they wanted their collection reviewed. We picked three random winners then Lisa, Head of Coaching and Programs, and I gave comprehensive feedback about their jewelry pieces and website.

We also had the Homework Completion Contest. Our Social Media Maven, Shelby, and I rewarded the three lucky winners with a complete Social Media Teardown. We gave tips and tactics to help them increase their engagement and followers.

Then there’s the Most Engaged Member Contest. The winner received a complete photography bundle that included a lighting kit, tripod, and replica surface backdrops.

Finally, we capped the Bootcamp with an amazing Masterclass called the Top Five Traits of a 6 Figure Jewelry Brand.

In this Masterclass, I talked about how 6- figure brands adopt different winning behaviors and habits. I also gave a sneak peek about what it takes to run a be a 6- figure jewelry business.

Key Takeaways

We shared a lot of lessons and valuable skills during this short period of time. 

We helped participants understand the motivations of why customers buy. Tackled branding, messaging, website, brand loyalty, and repeat sales. 

We also talked about trending features and social media techniques for maximum impact and engagement. 

Students learned our proven techniques for

time management and productivity using the 3×3 method. We eEven shared the strategies on setting tangible goals and how to achieve them.

We also talked about finances to help participants understand the necessary business foundations for their jewelry brand.

Many people shared

that they had so much more confidence to make changes in their business and themselves after attending The Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp.

They mentioned that they became aware of bad old habits, identified mental blocks, and realized how mindset matters.

The Bootcamp was the a “kick in the pants” that they needed. 

What’s Next

There were a lot of “aha!” moments, not just to our attendees but also for my team and me.

We had a great time sharing lessons and stories with such an enthusiastic crowd. So I want to thank all of you who joined me for the Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp and for those who continued to join us in the Laying the Foundation program.

Listen to the full episode above to get the full details and takeaways of our Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp recap. 

And if you’re one of those who wanted to join our LTF program but you’re still wondering if it’s the right program for you, we’d love to help and support you.

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We’ll help you find out which program is a good fit for you and how we can help you and your business.

xo, Tracy


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