EP367: Why Your Sales Will Never Grow Beyond Your Mindset

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People who successfully build thriving businesses have a completely different mindset from people who struggle continuously to see growth.

I’ve talked to thousands of independent jewelry designers in our programs at Flourish & Thrive, and it’s only reinforced the fact that your sales will never grow beyond what you believe is true about yourself and your situation.

I’m talking about one of my favorite topics ever: mindset.

Now, if you look up the definition of mindset, it’s described as a fixed mode of thinking about certain situations and circumstances.

I disagree with this.

I believe any mindset can be changed with enough work, and it’s an ongoing journey for anyone who wants to achieve success.

Obviously there are a lot of things that influence a person’s mindset, like socio-economic status, upbringing, bias, belief systems, trauma, etc.

But I’ll tell you this: some of the most inspiring, optimistic, and successful designers I’ve ever met have not had easy lives.

They understand that you can’t control the things that happen to you, but you can control how you react to it.

Successful business owners are typically very positive people who choose to focus on outcomes instead of perceived failures. They realize that failure is just a part of growing a business, and they refuse to let it set them back too far.

You have a choice every single day to work on your mindset and heal some of the things that might be holding you back from the sales you want.

So today, I want to give you some quick, actionable steps you can take to help you reframe your mindset when you feel like it’s not serving you.

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Cheer For The Doors That Get Slammed In Your Face

I’ll never forget when I went to my first even coaching event many years ago.

The event facilitator, Dave Ellis, told a story about his father who used to be a door-to-door salesman back in the day.

Every time a door got slammed in his face, he would celebrate.


Because he figured that for every nine rejections, he’d make one sale. And every time a door got slammed in his face, it meant he was one door closer to a sale.

I love this story so much, because it helps me reframe negative situations into something positive.

Reframe The Way You Think About Money

Money, politics, and religion: the three topics you’re not supposed to bring up at the dinner table.

It makes sense. Money is a pretty touchy topic, and whether you realize it or not, the financial beliefs you’ve been instilled with can have a huge impact on your business.

I’d like to invite you to reflect on the way you think about making money as an artist. When you notice negative thought patterns popping up and holding you back, you have the opportunity to flip it into a positive statement that actually serves you.

For example: “It’s hard to make money as an artist,” can be flipped to “People want to pay for my creativity.”

Or, “I’m not good at sales,” can be “I’m my best salesperson because I’m passionate about my business and I come from a place of service.”

The idea of the “starving artist” is just not real, m’dear. And it’s so rewarding to see designers overcome this mentality and have their brands take off.

You Can’t Celebrate Your Progress When You Can’t See It

Now, I want you to really pay attention to this step, because it’s all about acknowledging and documenting how far you’ve come.

It’s wild to me how many business owners are terrified to track their sales on a regular basis. There’s a lot of shame attached to it. They’re afraid of what they’ll see, so they don’t even look.

But if you don’t look at your numbers, you’re making a huge mistake. There are really only two possibilities:

  1. You’re in the red. You’re not making enough sales to support your business long-term. Yes, it’s devastating. But it’s just a number. It’s not your self worth. And the only way to fix it is to face it head on and make the informed changes your business needs to thrive.
  1. You’re in the clear. Turns out, you’re actually doing well! Maybe even better than expected. And now that you know what’s going on, you can take time to evaluate what’s working and lean into it for even more growth.

Either way, you’ll feel more confident as a business owner, because you’re empowered by information. You can make strategic decisions to build the business and life you desire.

So track your numbers, daily, even if you’re scared. You’ll thank yourself later.

Reach Out For Support

The most important thing I want you to know is that you don’t have to do this alone.

There’s no shame in seeking out the support you need, whether it’s from a licensed therapist, a business coach, an awesome community, or even just a friend.

Listen to the full episode above for more strategies to help you get into the mindset of a highly successful creative visionary.

xo, Tracy


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