EP395: 3 Rules for Planning Your Next Online Sales Promotion

EP395: 3 Rules for Planning Your Next Online Sales Promotion

One of the biggest challenges many jewelry business owners face is planning and hosting a successful promotion for a collection launch, a holiday, or even just selling out of their products. 

You know why? They don’t take the time out to plan their next online sales promotion because they’re busy with their in person shows, they’re overwhelmed by marketing, or they don’t know HOW to plan a successful online promotion.

There are 3 rules for planning your next jewelry promotion on your website. If you follow these, your online sales will grow!

Today, I recorded a short and sweet episode to get you planning and promoting your next launch like a boss and training your customers to buy from you online

Listen to today’s episode…

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Here’s what I discussed…

  • The Biggest Organizational Tool You’re Probably Missing Out On
  • Why Email Marketing (and SMS) the Right Way Will Change Your Results
  • How to Get Sales Long After Your Event is Over
  • And more…

These tips are great for all sorts of jewelry companies who are selling online. Good Luck! 

xo, Tracy


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