EP411: 5 Ways to Build Your Business In the Slow Summer Months

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One of the reasons jewelry business founders get so exhausted and feel frustrated during a slow season is that they're focused on a lack of sales instead of shifting their focus to how they can make the most of the slow summer months to grow their businesses. 

Whether summer is your busy season or a slower period, there are plenty of ways to continue to grow your business and maintain a healthy mindset.

5 tips to maximize your slower months for greater impact and efficiency in your business

  1. Catch up on learning: 

Use this time to dive into those online courses you've been meaning to take. 

  • If you've already taken a course, revisit the material or join a new program like Momentum or Laying the Foundation. 
  • Binge your favorite podcasts and catch up on your stack of business books
  • Most importantly, implement what you learn 
  1. Work on those big projects: 

No more procrastinating! Focus on tasks you've been putting off that will improve your business efficiency. 

  • Develop systems and create standardized procedures
  • Document your production manual so you can train an assistant
  • Hire a team member or automate processes to streamline your operations
  1. Work on your marketing: 

Take the opportunity to strategize your marketing campaigns for the upcoming holiday season. 

  • Evaluate and optimize your email sequences
  • Switch to a new email service provider or CRM if needed
  • Design and implement a new lead magnet pdf or quiz
  1. Prepare for the holiday season: 

Set up your 90-day strategic plan for the fourth quarter. 

  • Design new collections in advance 
  • Start creating inventory for holiday shows and website sales
  • Map out your plans for in-person shows and special promotions 
  1. Take a well-deserved break: 

Don't forget to take some time off for yourself, even if you can't go on a fancy vacation.

  • Treat yourself to a staycation 
  • Relax, work on your mindset, and recharge your energy. 
  • Slow down and recharge to avoid burnout and stay motivated for the busy holiday season.

Here’s a quick overview of Episode 411:

[0:00] Five ways to use the slow summer months

[6:12] Catch up on learning and reading

[9:53] Automate processes and create systems

[12:07] Prepare for the holiday season

[14:29] Treat yourself to a staycation

Maximize your slower months for future growth

The best course of action for the slow summer months, or whenever business is slow for you, is to take action with intention. Sitting and stressing is not the best use of your time. 

So instead, listen to Episode #411 and catch up on learning, work on important projects, plan your marketing, prepare for the holidays, and take a break. These actions will set you up for success and growth in your business.

I hope you enjoy this episode, jam-packed with things you can do right now to maximize your time.



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