EP419: New Social App Update: Instagram’s Threads App

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Threads are all the buzz lately! 100 million new users join in just the first week, which is crazy!

You have to ask yourself (because who really needs yet another social media platform):

  • Is it worth your time? 
  • Is it just another time suck? 
  • How can you leverage it for your business? 

The jury is still out, but for now, I’d say give it a try and just have fun experimenting. 

Will Threads replace Twitter? 

Or will it go the way of Clubhouse? Remember during the pandemic lockdown, when Clubhouse was everyone’s favorite shiny new toy? We were all isolated and stuck at home, so what else was there to do? But nowadays, is anyone even still using it? Not me.

I’m still experimenting and playing around with Threads to decide for myself how it might fit into an overall marketing strategy. What I’ve sensed so far is that it's not political or journalistic (like Twitter). It's actually more like the early days of Facebook when you’d post a random status. 

Why Join Threads Now?

If you're thinking about joining the Threads app and want to grow a big following, it’s best to jump on now before it gets overcrowded. I've been posting on both of my accounts daily (tracymatthewsny and flourish_thrive), just one or two things here and there, trying to get a feel for the app and how I might leverage it going forward.

Using Threads to Create Conversations with Your Audience

Threads feels different than other social media platforms. Yes, you can post videos, pictures,  and memes, but it's really about updating your status and creating casual, easy conversations. 

Consider how you want to engage with your audience and start non-salesy, conversations. Share about your brand in a way that's not pushy or salesy but informational. 

Ask questions to get engagement and continue the conversation as if you were chatting with someone in real life. As with all social media platforms, don’t post and ghost.

Using Threads to Share the Real You

Threads is an opportunity to connect with your community in a new way and build a following of people who want to get to know the real person behind the brand. 

Try initiating engaging topics to inspire ongoing conversations such as:

  • Share your morning routine and the less polished side of life
  • Share inspirational quotes or thoughts
  • Share behind the scenes in your business 
  • Share things that you might not normally share on Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok
  • Share pictures of your fur baby doing something funny

Threads feels like a great place to show the unpolished side of you in a casual setting. In other words, be real and let go of the need to be perfect. It’s not necessary on Threads.

For now, it’s about having fun, connecting, engaging, being silly, and of course speaking your mind. 

Conversation Starters for Jewelry Designers Using Threads

Not sure where to begin? Start a post with one of these… 

“I never thought ________ would happen when I started a jewelry business.”

“I didn't realize writing this article for _______________ talking about __________ would actually get me clients.”

“I started a jewelry business back in ____________ and little did I know that it would lead me to _____________.”

“When ____________ happened, even though it was a traumatic experience I was inspired to start my jewelry biz.”

Here’s a quick overview of Episode 419:

[3:48] The new social media app called Threads

[5:04] Remembering Clubhouse

[7:15] Ways to leverage Threads

[11:21] Ideas for conversation starters on Threads

For now, the jury is still out as to whether Threads is a game-changer when it comes to promoting your jewelry business and connecting with your audience. 

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this lighthearted episode and then just experiment, play and have fun!

Xo, Tracy

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