Episode 429: How Do I Market My High End Jewelry to My Target Audience?

Tracy Matthews answers how do you market to your target audience

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“Tracy, how do I market to people who can afford my high end jewelry offering?”

This question comes up so much because it can be so frustrating. On today’s podcast, we’re covering tons of tips on how to effectively market your high end jewelry to your target audience. 

Yumna has a very expensive and beautiful line of jewelry that’s very well designed and ready to go. Even though she lives in a very affluent area in Dallas, the people she knows can’t afford her jewelry. She asked me this question about how to reach people who are willing to spend money on her high end product.  

Today, I’ll dive into easy and effective tips of what to do when traditional grassroots marketing to build your business isn’t working. 

We chat about how to get you in front of people who can invest in your jewelry, how to network and create connections, and how to research your competitors

Get In Front of People With Money

First of all, you can’t look inside your current circle if you’re designing something that your current circle can’t afford. You need to look outside of your community and people you already know if they can’t afford your products. 

Think about what types of people have money in your area, and then get in front of them. Create opportunities for yourself. Try joining networking groups and showcasing at places where your ideal clients hangout. 

Do Market Research on Your Competitors

You’ve designed a product that you don’t have a customer base for – so now you need to go and find the customers who are attracted to and who can afford the product.

Look at your competitors with similar offerings, do market research on them, and hone in on who your target audience is and where they are

Keep in mind – many other brands have been around a lot longer than you. Have patience with yourself.

Find Opportunities to Host Trunk Shows and Popups 

This is an incredible tool to get in front of the right people, even if it’s in someone’s house or another retail store you’re partnering with the retailer. This is so important because it comes down to this – it’s harder to sell point and click jewelry if people don’t know what to expect from you.

That’s why it’s so vital to get in front of them versus doing online ads. I would especially focus on this as you build an audience for your high end offerings. 

However, it can’t be random events and craft shows – they need to be the right events with the right audience aka high end buyers and collectors

xo, Tracy

Here’s a Quick Overview of Episode 427: 

Yumna is an artist who’s absolutely rocking it and creating a very expensive and beautiful line of jewelry. We cover tips to get her in front of the right people to market to – people who can afford her high end pieces. 

If you’re struggling because no one in your community or circle can afford your high end offerings, try strategies to discover who you need to be in front of (and how to do it)

Tune in to the latest episode of the Thrive By Design Podcast for even more effective tips. I dig into how to find and get in front of those who have the finances to invest in your jewelry.  

xo, Tracy


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