Episode 438: How to Take Incredible Branded Photography With Your Smartphone with Auguste Chocianaite

How to Take Incredible Branded Photography With Your Smartphone

Today’s episode is all about how amazing branded photographs will take your business to the next level and play a bigger game, regardless of where you are in your business!

Branded photographs are what sell your jewelry online and offline – especially when people can’t see your offerings in real life. High-quality photos of your jewelry that stand out are phenomenal for helping you sell more jewelry!

You’re in for a treat today with our special guest, Auguste. She helps silversmiths, goldsmiths, up-and-coming brands, and seven-figure jewelry businesses reach their full brand potential.

She tells us how to take brand photography to the next level and explains how to do it yourself with easy and effective steps. It’s time to start attracting even higher-paying customers while saving money on photography!

Join us if you’re ready for tips on how to take your jewelry business to the six or seven-figure route!

Key Components of Every Photograph 

Branding and planning are absolutely key for photographs that will sell. If the image you’ve taken doesn’t have a branding backbone, it won’t be a photograph that sells jewelry to your clients.

When it comes to your photographs’ branding, planning essential elements is everything. You need to be strategic about the visual aesthetic of your business, the props you use, and your target audience. If you create an Oscar for an Oscar-winning film, you can’t just pick up the camera and decide to wing it! You need to organize your crew and write a script, and the same goes for a jewelry business if you’re serious about attracting high-pay clients.  

Red Flags That Will Chase Customers Away

Your images are like your business cards to people who have never encountered your brand. Because your jewelry business is tied to the images of your brand, they resonate with the quality of your brand to prospects and customers!

That’s why when people see a well-developed business, they associate that with the quality of the jewelry and the offering. Likewise, when they see a poorly managed Instagram account, bad photography on your website, and other poor branding and images, they get chased away from making a sale. 

Why Model Photography Is Essential for Any Jewelry Business

It’s been proven that adding model images to your online listings can increase your sales conversions by 34%! This is because model images build client trust, add a human touch to your business, and make you stand out from your competitors!

Model photography helps brand owners create relationships with buyers and provides that vital connection that many customers seek. The great news is that it can be easy and affordable to produce model photography to take your jewelry business to the next level! 

Here’s a Quick Overview of Episode 438: 

Want to use amazing branded photographs to take your business to the next level, regardless of where you’re at?

In the latest episode of the Thrive by Design Podcast, I chat with Auguste Chocianaite – a wildly successful jewelry brand photographer who shares how to start attracting higher-paying customers with amazing branded photography!

The best part? She gives step-by-step easy tips on how to do beautiful jewelry photography yourself and save money

Today’s episode is huge because if the images you’re taking of your jewelry don’t have a branding backbone, you can’t create photographs that sell your jewelry to your clients. 

I’m so excited for you to soak up game-changing wisdom and techniques for taking your jewelry business to the six or seven-figure route!

xo, Tracy


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