Episode 469: How Shifting Focus Increased Her Cash Flow and Growth with Antoinette Elizabeth

How Shifting Focus Increased Her Cash Flow and Growth with Antoinette Elizabeth

There are times in your jewelry business where you might have to take a hard pivot to get what you really want. 

That’s where Antoinette Elizabeth found herself last year, and today on Episode #469 of the Thrive by Design podcast, she shares how she navigated that incredibly tough crossroads in her business. 

For years, Antoinette Elizabeth ran Your PRANA, a thriving mineral gallery in New Zealand. She and her team fossicked for stones all over New Zealand, designing unique pieces and doing traditional carvings with what nature gave them.

But when a huge storm cut off tourism to Antoinette’s location, she knew she had to make a change if her business was going to survive. 

She found our Train Your Customers to Buy from You Online program, and in just a few short months, everything had changed. 

In this unique episode, Antoinette shares:

  • The conversation with the TYC coaches that gave her the confidence to try selling online and through wholesale
  • The single event that added over 100 contacts to her email list
  • How she sold out ALL her products within the first two hours of a three-day show and then pivoted the ongoing demand into a crazy pre-order list
  • Getting her pieces into airports, art galleries and councils even though her process doesn’t follow a specific timeline
  • Why Antoinette switched website platforms and why she loves working on Shopify
  • The crucial marketing strategies that are driving Antoinette’s online success

And there’s more (you know I love to go deep with my podcast guests): how Antoinette decided that TYC was right for her (and not “just another coaching program”), and the inner shift that made her decide to turn down her dream retail location after moving online. 

We also talk about building her confidence with pricing and negotiating with wholesale customers, and how Antoinette is now showing up in her business every day more authentically, more creatively and with more calm.

With the incredible results Antoinette got from TYC, we knew we had to have more of her in our world. 

That’s why she’s going to be one of the student mentors on the program when it kicks off again on April 23rd. Yep — she’s going to be there to support our students who are making the shift towards selling online, getting out of the grind of live events, and figuring out how to thrive by design in their own business. 

If you know already that TYC would change everything for you, like it did for Antoinette, earlybird applications are open now, with a discount available AND a bonus 1-on-1 coaching call with one of our other coaches if you apply and pay in full before the early bird deadline (April 15th). Click here to check it out — this is an awesome opportunity to save yourself a bunch of money while training your customers to buy from you online over and over and over again. 

And if you want a taste of what to expect from the program, our free Supercharge Your Sales Challenge kicks off on April 15th. We’ll be challenging you to get into action and start making money in real time. If that sounds like the kind of push you need right now, you can sign up at www.flourishthriveacademy.com/supercharge.

Don’t miss this beautiful episode. It’s full of joy and I’m so psyched to share Antoinette’s journey with you.

Xo, Tracy

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