Encore Episode #422: She’s On Track to Triple Her Sales This Year… Here’s How She Did It!

She's On Track to Triple Her Sales This Year... Here's How She Did It!

Is your jewelry business really just an expensive hobby right now? 

If you have to make jewelry, but you also have to make it a viable business, today’s episode of the Thrive by Design podcast is for you.

Erin Kandoll quit her jewelry business just as the pandemic was starting, because she didn’t think it would ever be able to support her family. With her husband at sea 8 months a year, she needed to make sure she and her kids were secure, and her jewelry biz wasn’t doing it. 

She sold all her equipment, got rid of her old inventory… and then stumbled upon Thrive by Design. She listened to a bunch of episodes and enrolled in our Laying the Foundation program. 

She started seeing results so fast that she progressed into the Train Your Customers to Buy from You Online program (which, by the way, is reopening on April 30th), and 18 months later, her business was on track to do triple the revenue she’d had the year before. 

In this incredible episode, Erin shares:

  • The one simple step she implemented as soon as the program started that kickstarted her new sales journey
  • The insane sales number that got her super psyched for the next chapter of her jewelry business (and to join TYC)
  • How living in a tiny island community gave Erin the push she needed to expanded her customer base 
  • How Erin prices her jewelry (and why she can charge over four figures for a single piece these days)
  • The key foundational issues that artists run into when they start building their business… that leave them feeling like they’re always broke (and how you can overcome them)
  • How Erin’s frustration with the social platforms drove her to make a huge decision to invest in her business

Erin is an open book, and she doesn’t hold back in this episode. 

She shares the innovative ideas that are bringing more customers to her business specifically (instead of any other designer), the one thing Tracy teaches that has had the biggest impact on Erin’s business (and life in general), and the roles she is ready to hire for now that her business has taken off so much.

We also talk about the fun intro challenge we give TYC students to make back the cost of the program in the first week, using inventory and skills they already have, the trait Tracy believes is the true key to success in running a jewelry business (hint: it’s not talent!), and how Erin’s self-worth has evolved as a result of growing her business.

I love, love, love this episode. Erin is such an inspiration and I know you’re going to get some incredible insights and ideas into what’s possible from hearing her story.

Don’t miss Encore Episode #422 of Thrive by Design with Erin Kandoll. 

xo, Tracy

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