Episode 473: She’s Supporting Her Husband Through School With Her Jewelry Business with Lindsey Kirk

She's Supporting Her Husband Through School With Her Jewelry Business with Lindsey Kirk

When Lindsey Kirk’s husband came home and told her how much he was struggling at his swing shift factory job, she knew they were at a crossroads.

He was stretched too thin, trying to cover too many roles and shifts… and when his boss told him that all he needed to get paid a whole lot more was a bachelor’s degree, Lindsey knew that in spite of her feeling of panic, it was time to take her jewelry business to the next level.

Lindsey was the only female student in her cohort of the metal smithing program at Gem City College in Illinois, and when she graduated, she and her mom rented a studio space downtown and started selling her pieces. 

She worked a part-time job to make the studio work, and after 5 years, they decided to call it a day. Luckily for Lindsey, the pandemic hit right after they closed the store, and she was already all in on building her website when she and her husband decided he should go back to school. 

Lindsey has been a fan of Thrive by Design since the podcast launched back in 2015, so it’s incredible to hear from her today. She is a bad-ass implementer and has some amazing insights to share. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The super fun (and effective) strategy she started during the pandemic to build her connection with her customers
  • The totally unexpected advice from her community college business teacher that drove her to join the F&TA Laying the Foundation program
  • The crazy numbers that Lindsey started seeing in her business as soon as she started working through the LTF material 
  • The 3 key concepts from LTF that changed everything for Lindsey’s business (and the mindset shift that has helped her increase her business over 50% in the past year)
  • The amazing social media campaign that helped Lindsey hit a key goal in her business and how sharing her love of dogs has bonded her community to her even more

We also talk about why the structure of Laying the Foundation was so effective for her, changing the narrative of your inner voice, and the freedom she’s found to build her business on her own terms. 

This is such an inspiring episode, and Lindsey doesn’t hold back. She shares some amazing details on how her brand has grown. Even though she always thought her business would take a backseat to her husband’s work, it turned out to be the lifeboat they needed, and it’s only getting better.

Don’t miss this beautiful conversation with Lindsey the Ladysmith.

xo, Tracy

Sponsor Highlight

This episode is sponsored by Laying the Foundation — the only course specifically designed for jewelry designers who want to learn how to grow their business to six figures and beyond. 

If you’d like to start seeing results like Lindsey did, go to https://www.flourishthriveacademy.com/ltf/ to learn more about joining the next cohort of this transformational program. 


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