#217 How One Designer Increased Her Sales by 47% After the Tragic Loss of Her Mother with Twyla Dill

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I am constantly blown away by the resilience and creativity from the designers in our community.

Twyla Dill is one radiant example.

While living in Turkey, Twyla learned how to make Oya, a delicate lace crocheted from thread.

With plenty of inspiration, but no background in jewelry, she set to work creating pieces that blended the Turkish lace technique with a modern aesthetic. Eventually, Twyla Dill Designs was born.

In April of 2019, Twyla’s second year in business, her mom passed away after years of battling Multiple Sclerosis. 

Needless to say, it was a tragic loss for Twyla and her family. 

Balancing business and grief is no easy feat, but Twyla navigated it with grace and was even able to increase her sales from the year before.

She sat down with me this week to share how she did it.

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Strength in Numbers

This transition was made more manageable because Twyla was already focusing on setting herself up for success.

She has a small team that helps her with production and employees who work her summer booth at Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Her in-person staff is trained to build her email list, and she’s established a tight-knit community on social media.

All of these factors were in place to help her succeed, even during her period of grief.

Made with Love

Twyla’s mother was always an enthusiastic supporter of her jewelry. After her passing, Twyla wanted to design a collection that would honor her mother’s memory.

It took her some time to get it going, but in a moment of inspiration, she designed a collection inspired by her mother’s Pennsylvania Dutch upbringing. A portion of the proceeds would go to people struggling with MS.

It was set to be released around her mother’s 60th birthday, on August 30th.

She finished the collection about three weeks before release. Using a 4-day pre-purchase model, Twyla made a big chunk of sales at the end of the summer, setting her up to hit her sales goal for the year.

One of a Kind

Twyla continues to release a one of a kind collection every month, influenced by Alex Camacho’s sales model.

Despite her tragic loss, her online sales have increased by 10% since last year, and her overall sales have increased by 47%. 

She is able to take most evenings and weekends off, as she has systems in place that allow her business to thrive, even when she’s not actively working.

As Twyla’s business continues to grow, she remains a strong and inspiring woman and a valuable member of our community.

Listen to the full episode to hear the rest of her story. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Until next week,

xo, Tracy

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