#294 How to Become an Online Sales Master with Virtual Events

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We’ve been teaching designers how to host virtual trunk shows for years as part of our Train Your Customers to Buy From You Online (TYC) coaching program.

Virtual trunk shows have always been important, but over the last year, they’ve become central teaching to help jewelry designers protect their businesses during the pandemic.

When you learn how to make sales online, you better prepare your business for anything the world throws at you.

And, oh my gosh, the world threw a lot at us this past year.

Virtual trunk shows are just like in-person trunk shows you may have participated in before. It could’ve been at a brick-and-mortar store, hosted at someone's house, at a convention, or an art fair. 

A virtual trunk show has the same goal and basic elements: making it easy for shoppers to buy from a jewelry brand. 

The only difference? Everything’s virtual. All your customers have to do is get online and show up.

We teach a TON of different types of virtual trunk shows to try in our TYC program, but today I’m going to dive into 4 of our favorites so you can begin your journey to becoming an online sales master!

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Virtual Trunk Shows Work!

Virtual trunk shows are a staple teaching here at Flourish & Thrive Academy because they work.

Shehana Kimiangatau sold $39,000 worth of fine jewelry for her virtual birthday event. She invested 10 hours of work to prepare for the virtual trunk show and only a two hours sales window. Wow!

Lisa Lehmann regularly hosts virtual trunk shows through Facebook Live and shared that she recently sold $7,000 worth of product in just a two-hour window. Her secret? Figure out ways to make it fun and entertaining so it’s more of an experience rather than a transaction only. 

Flourish & Thrive Academy Momentum students, Jeana & Jared Rushton, pulled in more than $8,000 over the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend with their virtual trunk show strategy.

With those results in mind, let’s look at a couple of types of virtual trunk shows you can host…

Build Hype Around A Collection Launch

Celebrate your upcoming collection launch with a virtual trunk show! 

Give your audience a look behind the scenes at how raw materials are transformed into their next favorite necklace.

Create excitement around your new launch while providing your customers with an interactive view of the new pieces. 

This is a great way to get engagement online, sell your products, and build up hype about your new collection during a launch. 

Take In-Person Events Online

Normally for in-person house parties, you’d typically ask a friend to co-host a party with you. 

They’d invite a group of their friends and everyone would enjoy drinks and snacks while perusing your collections.

The same concept can work in a virtual trunk show scenario, too. 

Simply move the event online, and encourage everyone to (virtually) enjoy a glass of wine together as well. 

There are two more types of virtual trunk shows I want to talk about. Listen to the full episode above to hear the details!

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