#293 7 Ways to Use Video Marketing in Your Jewelry Business

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Have you been scrolling through your Instagram feed and come across a video from your favorite brand, promoting a new product?

Or how about a video testimonial on a homepage that influenced you into buying something?

Any video that serves to promote a company, whether directly or indirectly, is considered video marketing.

It’s become non-negotiable for brands who want to stay ahead of the noise and connect with their audience online.

And I can’t think of anyone better to consult about video marketing than Alison Haselden

Not only is she our amazing Marketing Director here at Flourish & Thrive Academy, but she’s also an actor! She knows a thing or two about showing up on camera with confidence.

Alison and I invite you to keep an open mind for this episode. Being on camera may feel waaay out of your comfort zone, but it can open doors for your business that can’t be opened any other way.

Soak in this information, take some notes, and get ready to start brainstorming your next video marketing project.

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On Your Website

You might not think of your website as prime real estate for video content, but the truth is a well-placed video can elevate the user experience.

A welcome video or maker video that tells your story and introduces your brand helps customers connect with you as a designer.

The beautiful thing about a video like this is it can be repurposed in 100 different ways. Cut it into shorter clips for social media, have the audio transcribed and turned into a blog post, use it as inspiration for emails and captions.

A welcome video is a phenomenal piece of anchor content.

Behind the Scenes

You may know your creative process like the back of your hand, but a lot of people have no idea what goes into making jewelry.

Give your audience a look behind the scenes at how raw materials are transformed into their next favorite necklace.

With behind-the-scenes videos, you can create quality social content that showcases your creation process and helps give your brand even more of a voice.

Plus, it’s a great way to build hype around an upcoming collection or product drop.

Go Live

Most social platforms have the option to “go live” now, making live video marketing a lucrative possibility for any brand. 

Live video is the best for engaging with your audience in an authentic, unedited way. You can answer questions, hold conversations, and indirectly promote your brand while simultaneously forming closer relationships with your customers.

Be sure to promote your live video session ahead of time to maximize viewership!

To hear four more ways to use video marketing in your jewelry business, listen to the full episode above!

xo, Tracy


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