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Broadway, Bartering & Baton Rouge—Oh My! Jewelry Designer Turned a Dressing Room Hobby Into a 6-Fig Biz

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I’m so excited to share today’s story. It’s about Ana Maria Andricain, an inspiring woman who has been in our community for over 5 years. 

I’m sharing her story because it’s absolutely amazing! Ana started her jewelry-making business later in life, turning a hobby she was passionate about into a 6 figure business that paid the bills, fueled her creative spirit, and gave her the freedom to live life as she wanted.

Ana Maria was born in Louisiana and moved to New York when she was 18 years old. For 25 years she acted on the big stage, starring in Broadway’s Beauty and The Beast

She had a love for performing that couldn’t be beaten, but acting in the same show eight times a week left the creative in her looking for something beyond the stage. 

So she took pottery classes, and one day met a woman creating a beautiful set of earrings. Intrigued, Ana asked the woman to teach her. Before she knew it, she was hooked on the process and making her own pieces of jewelry as a side hobby. It reawakened the creative spirit inside of her.

It wasn’t long before her fellow performers caught wind of her talent, and began asking Ana to make them jewelry. Her reputation grew—people started ordering for the Tony Awards and opening nights on Broadway. 

A store saw one of her pieces and began ordering as well. Everything quickly took off, and Ana’s side hustle started growing on its own. 

Shortly after, she moved back down South to Louisiana when her husband received a job offer. It was then that Ana decided to turn her jewelry making into a serious, full-time business. 

It had grown a lot and she was making sales, but Ana was interested in scaling up to a level where she was consistently hitting a 6-figure business mark. 

Like all of us do, Ana turned to the web for help. Flourish & Thrive Academy popped up more than once. She explored our website and considered all the different programs available to help a business owner such as herself. 

She had no doubts—Ana knew that if she wanted to get serious and grow her business, she would need a qualified program to back her up.

The choice was easy. With her goals listed and a vision in place, Ana signed up for the Laying The Foundation course and got started. 

Laying the Foundation is our signature 8-week virtual program designed to teach independent jewelry designers how to create desire and demand for their unforgettable jewelry brand with the right clients and exposure.

In the program, Ana learned to build a business that works for her, supports her dream lifestyle, and allows her to unleash her creativity in a way that brings cash, clarity, and freedom.

After her first year with the program, Ana more than doubled her income by making huge, much-needed changes to her pricing. When she first started out, Ana determined her prices by taking the cost of her materials and doubling it. 

What she didn’t realize was that this came out to costing less than wholesale, and she wasn’t making enough money to pay herself! 

Ana can still recall the days when she was making jewelry in her dressing room, charging three grand for jewelry easily worth seven thousand and more! When she sat down, did the math, and raised her prices, Ana could finally afford to give herself the salary she deserved.

Once she got her pricing right, Ana spent every weekend hitting trade shows, markets, and trunk shows with her beautiful jewelry in tow. 

And because of her higher prices, Ana began making more money. But she quickly reached the maximum profit she could ever make with her current business model. 

There was yet more progress to be made. Ana still hadn’t discovered her DREAM client. She was trying to reach too many different kinds of people and was too shy to ask customers to sign up for her mailing list at shows. 

The names she did have on her mailing list weren’t doing so well, either. Without any marketing strategy, she just sent out emails to alert customers when she would be selling jewelry in a trunk show near them. That didn’t work.

Ana realized she needed to make another big change if she ever wanted to push past this plateau. Having learned so much from Flourish & Thrive Academy’s Lay The Foundation course, Ana then signed up for The Strategic Online Success (SOS) Accelerator.

A more personalized program than Laying the Foundation. SOS features a 1:1 and group coaching program designed for ambitious independent designers and brands who are done wasting time and ready to get real results, like, yesterday.

This 3-year coaching program, helped Ana develop a rock-solid marketing strategy that supports her online and offline efforts to create a more sustainable, profitable business.

Ana finished the program with more clarity and direction for her brand. She felt ready to transform her business into the one she’d been dreaming of.

Shortly after, she got the news we all dread hearing. Ana was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Now bedridden and undergoing treatments, Ana had to cancel most of her upcoming shows. She tried to attend the local ones, but was hardly able to, given that she couldn’t lift anything.

Those shows were her primary way of making sales. Ana felt lost and wasn’t sure what to do next.

She was forced to access her mailing list and use social media marketing, email marketing, and digital strategies to build up her online presence and keep her business afloat—all while working from her bed. 

Using what she learned from SOS, Ana set up an email nurturing sequence that automatically went out to her list when people signed up on her website. She started calling customers she had connected with at shows and telling them they can buy on her website. She committed herself to following up with people.

With the help of SOS, Ana was ultimately able to discover her dream client. 

These customers became the people she would talk to first. She started creating exclusive, special experiences for these clients through her email list. 

She offered access to unique, limited-edition items that she had created—without discounts! These exclusive mailouts created a sense of urgency, increased her sales, and got people buying.

Unable to attend shows, Ana dedicated her time to increasing her online presence. She created a newsletter and increased her social media usage. Selling online became her primary focus, versus attending shows in-person every weekend. 

The result?

  • Ana’s entire business transformed, and now she’s a recovering workaholic. In the past, she attended shows every weekend. 

  • Today, she attends less than half of the shows she used to. She has the freedom to take the entire month of January off to treat herself and go on vacation with her husband.

  • Better yet, her sales have increased! She went from making one web sale about every three weeks to making $300 to $600 worth of online sales a day. With consistent online marketing, Ana turns a great profit every month. 

She texted me saying she sold $11,804 in the month of April, which is typically one of her slowest months of the year! 

She feels like she’s in control of her sales because, even during a slow month, she’s still staying on track to sell over 100k per year

Keep in mind, Ana doesn’t have a super high price point for her jewelry. She isn’t selling $11,000 in engagement rings. 

Instead, she’s selling jewelry at a high volume at a great profit margin, every single month of the year! And best of all? She did it all while kicking cancer in the butt!

Ana went from being a Broadway beauty making jewelry in her dressing room to owning her own 6-fig business, all with the guidance of her coaches and the community here at Flourish & Thrive Academy. 

Over the past 6 years, my co-founder Robin Kramer and I have helped thousands of independent jewelry designers build the business they’ve always dreamed of. Ana, owner of Jewel of Havana, is one of many inspiring success stories.

Do you dream of scaling your business to the next level just like she did? Apply for our Strategic Online Success Accelerator Program. We’re so excited to help you create the business of your dreams!