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How one Jewelry Business veteran grew her online sales by 1,293% in One Year

By Tracy Matthews / August 6, 2021

…momentum to dig into the online [space], and [learn] how to create true fans, and how to develop real relationships with my customers.”  Margaret Adopted a Beginners Mindset. “So I’m…

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EP 334: You are a Bad-Ass – Time to Show Up Like One This Year

By Tracy Matthews / January 4, 2022

…starts with the beliefs that we were raised with.  When you operate from a success mindset you have the POWER within you to overcome adversity, change your situation at any…

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EP 372: 3 Steps to Grow Your Business to 7-Figures

By Tracy Matthews / October 25, 2022

…a 7-figure business is all about mindset. And the reason I always throw mindset into the equation is because it effect every single thing in your business. Understand that if…

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EP337: Help and Hope for Start Ups and Makers with Full Time Jobs with Candice Eve Padro

By Tracy Matthews / January 14, 2022

…she learned about was mindset. Developing the right mindset helped her a lot because she lived in Brooklyn. Her rent was half of her salary, and she didn’t not have…

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10 Lessons from 10 Years Helping Designers and Makers Build Successful Jewelry Businesses

By Tracy Matthews / July 8, 2022

…concept of stepping into your role as Chief Visionary Officer of your business and the difference between a maker mindset and a CVO mindset. It’s controversial and the business owners…

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#326 Perceived Value is an Inside Job with Allyson Hayes

By Tracy Matthews / November 23, 2021

…wanting to get Allyson on the podcast for ages to talk about how her mindset transformed, along with her business, once she started charging what she’s worth. Now, it’s finally…

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#19: 9 Lessons that Will Make Growing Your Jewelry Business Easy in 2016

By Tracy Matthews / December 29, 2015

…push your business in the right direction every single day. Positive Mindset If you’ve been following F&TA and this podcast for a while, you’ll know I am adamant about keeping…

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#12: Attitude of Gratitude Fest with Tracy Matthews

By Tracy Matthews / November 26, 2015

…so listen through to the end of the episode for a special, extra-grateful bonus! Change Your Mindset With Affirmations If you want to learn how to be for thankful, my…

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#232 Your Money Story & How It’s Fueling or Stifling Your Success

By Tracy Matthews / December 31, 2019

…fear around money always stems from some form of scarcity mindset and will only ever get in the way of your success. Successful entrepreneurs put in the work to transform…

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Bonus Episode #2: Your Jewelry and Product Business in the Face of Uncertainty

By Tracy Matthews / March 19, 2020

…you can do to protect your mindset and creative energy.  I highly recommend listening to that first. You need to take care of yourself before you can take care of…

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