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EP367: Why Your Sales Will Never Grow Beyond Your Mindset

By Tracy Matthews / September 19, 2022

…one of my favorite topics ever: mindset. Now, if you look up the definition of mindset, it’s described as a fixed mode of thinking about certain situations and circumstances. I…

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#320 The Mindset Shift That 4x’d One Designer’s Sales with Alisha Merrick

By Tracy Matthews / October 13, 2021

When you’re operating from the mindset of a starving artist, you could be preventing yourself from being successful without even realizing it. Here’s how starving artist syndrome manifests in your…

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#315 Hypnotherapy and Overcoming Mental Roadblocks for Artists with Elliot Roe

By Tracy Matthews / September 16, 2021

I think we can all agree that growing a jewelry business isn’t easy. It’s part strategy, part talent, and part mindset. The last “part,” mindset, may be the thing holding…

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#328 The Mindset Shifts Required to Become a 7 Figure Business Owner

By Tracy Matthews / December 7, 2021

…your business work for you, not the other way around Get out of the Maker and Manager mindset …then the 7+ Figure Masterclass is perfect for you. But first, let’s…

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#221 The Mindset of Strategic Growth with Jess Gebauer and Mary Ann Saville

By Tracy Matthews / October 15, 2019

…that she wasn’t fostering a mindset of strategic growth. When you’re a business owner being pulled in ten different directions every day, it’s hard to step back and think, “Am…

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#258 Birthday Episode – Change Your Story with Jason Ayers

By Tracy Matthews / June 30, 2020

…or so, is that he’s super brilliant mindset. So I’m going to have him talk a little bit more about the success mindset today. And we’re going to be talking,…

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Tuesday Tip: Million Dollar Maker Mindset

Tuesday Tip: Million Dollar Maker Mindset

By Tracy Matthews / December 6, 2022

If you’re not getting the results you want in business, the number one thing that is standing in your way is your mindset. The way you think about yourself and…

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#231 Top 7 Business Lessons From 2019

By Tracy Matthews / December 24, 2019

…positive and operate from a growth mindset, rather than a scarcity mindset. But when you do it, it pays off.  Every. Single. Time. Don’t expect miracles to happen when you…

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12 Ways to Finish the Year Strong in Your Creative Business

By Bean Larson / November 12, 2020

…12 tips I follow to help me turn the ship around to end the year strong – both for marketing goals and mindset. Prefer to get your business information through…

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#257 How To Makeover Your Home Office for More Productivity with Toby Fairley

By Tracy Matthews / June 23, 2020

…your expectations and mindsets, which is the number one thing honestly about working from home successfully, whether it’s a pandemic or any other time, it’s just, I think, your mindset

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