#221 The Mindset of Strategic Growth with Jess Gebauer and Mary Ann Saville

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Running a business is a full-time job. There’s so much to keep track of, and it takes serious focus to stay on top of everything. Now imagine running TWO!

Introducing, Mary Ann Saville…

Mary Ann owns two different businesses, Vedeli Designs, and VDI Jewelry Findings. She started our Strategic Online Sales Accelerator (SOS) at the beginning of this year, and her sales are already up by 40%! She anticipates that the number will be closer to 75-80% by the end of this year. 

Talk about record growth!

When I heard about Mary Ann, I was so inspired, I wanted to get her on the podcast pronto. I’m always going on about how great SOS is, so I think it’s about time I had someone on who can talk about the benefits firsthand.

And who better to conduct the interview than F&TA Community Director and SOS Director Jessica Gebauer?!

I met Jess three years ago when she applied to Flourish & Thrive Academy. At the time, she was fed-up with the archaic way most of the jewelry industry operates. I was so impressed by her passion for our mission, I just knew I had to hire her.

Now, Jess works closely with our SOS students, and she and Mary Ann hit it off from the get-go.

The two got together to talk about how Mary Ann was able to transform her businesses so quickly, with just a few simple changes.

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The Immeasurable Value of Community…

Mary Ann said it best, “I never run into a problem that can’t be solved by my community.”

Before joining SOS, she was looking for a business coach, but so many of them just didn’t get jewelry.

It’s a totally unique industry, with totally unique problems.

By joining, Mary Ann didn’t just find 1 coach who knows jewelry, but 16 – all with their own specialties. Plus, the community of other designers are always around to offer support and answer questions.

What could be better?

Change from Within

You don’t know what you don’t know.

One of the first things Mary Ann learned when she joined the program was that she wasn’t fostering a mindset of strategic growth.

When you’re a business owner being pulled in ten different directions every day, it’s hard to step back and think, “Am I doing the things that will move me forward, or am I just doing busywork?”

That has been Mary Ann’s main focus this year: changing her mindset for success. She attributes most of her recent growth to her newfound clarity and direction.

SOS Gets Results

The numbers don’t lie. Mary Ann’s growth this year has been dramatic – and we haven’t even hit the holidays yet.

Staying on top of the rapidly-changing world of social media, search engine algorithms, and jewelry trends are so much easier now that she has experts to back her up.

“I’d just say to anyone who’s thinking of joining SOS that it will pay for itself. Honestly, any extra expense in a business is something you have to consider, but I will tell you: don’t worry about it.

You’ll make it back easy. It’s really worth the investment.”

Jess and Mary Ann did great! We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program next week.

Until then,

xo, Tracy

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