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How Strong Viewpoints Increase Your Sales

Have you ever worried that having a STRONG opinion might turn off DREAM buyers? Or maybe you are worried about taking design risks because it’s too “OUT there” and it might affect your sales? Although it might seem contradictory, having an opinion and a strong viewpoint actually does the opposite. Let me explain…. A few…

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Collection Development Timelines for Jewelry Designers

During the busy Holiday season, it is JUST incredible how quickly time flies. Wouldn’t you agree? Before you know it, it’s time to develop your spring collection! December was always an insanely busy month for TMD: we were loaded with holiday sales, prepping for the January ENK Accessorie Circuit tradeshow and scrambling at the last…

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Tips On How to Sell Luxury Jewelry Online Successfully

Greetings from Italy… I’ve been here for a few days enjoying Italian food and wine and beautiful Italian fashion. While I was in Rome, I was gazing into the Buccelatti windows drooling over a beautiful emerald and diamond piece. It got me to thinking about marketing Luxury Jewelry (which is often on my mind)… Is…

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