#252 The Fine Jewelry Virtual Trunk Show That Brought in 39K in 2 Hours with Shehana Kimiangatau

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Many designers feel weird about selling right now, but now is the time for online businesses to grow in a major way. People are cooped up at home and are shopping online more than ever. 

With so many other luxuries unavailable, like manicures and facials, your Dream Clients likely have some extra money they’d like to spend on something special for themselves or a loved one as a pick-me-up in these stressful times

As designers, we want to be able to offer our customers just that – something beautiful that can bring a bit of joy into the lives of others. 

Meet Shehana Kimiangatau. She sells striking high-end jewelry with a cause. Her business used to rely primarily on retail sales, but when shelter-in-place hit, she immediately sought a quick and creative solution to keep sales flowing. 

Some designers think selling high price point jewelry is harder online, but Shehana is here to prove otherwise.

During a 2-hour virtual trunk show hosted on Facebook live, she managed to sell over $30,000 worth of jewelry. 

Yes, you read that right!

Connecting with your community of clients and creativity is all it takes to keep your business growing and thriving!

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Stay Active in Your Online Communities.

Shehana has a private Facebook group with about 400 members. It’s here that she posts videos and announcements to show her customers what’s going on behind the scenes. On top of that, she is always emailing her list.

The community you create as a designer is the heart of your business. 

Staying in contact is always important, but it’s especially vital now. Without face-to face contact, our social media posts and emails are how we can maintain these relationships, so frequency is key. 

You Don’t Need to be Fancy to Host a Successful Show

Don’t get in your own way here.

You probably already have everything you need to host a fire virtual trunk show. What makes a virtual trunk show shine is the creativity, organization, and thoughtful planning that goes into it.

 If you have those things, your Dream Clients won’t care how nice your camera is.

Make Yourself Visible

Your current audience is the best place to start, but ads can give your engagement the boost you need.

Reaching a wide audience is how you expand your business, and it doesn’t take many sales to get a return on the initial investment.

Get people to show up. Make sure your community knows exactly when the event is happening, and build excitement!

You’ve got everything you need to make this happen. Why not give it a shot?

xo, Tracy

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