#236 Celebrating Our Students’ Successes

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Building a business takes courage.

I’ve seen designers try to do the same thing over and over again expecting something to change because they’re afraid of what might happen if they try something new.

The monotony is familiar and safe – but ultimately flatlines your business.

To be a successful jewelry designer, you must find the courage to put yourself out there, try new things, and most importantly, ask for help.

Our signature 10-week course, Laying the Foundation, is designed with brave designers in mind. Designers who are ready to shake things up and actually move the needle in their biz. 

As a result, the Flourish & Thrive community is filled with bold designers who have done just that, and their businesses are taking off. 

Today, I want to celebrate them. 🎉

I asked these dazzling designers to share a little bit about their experience in Laying the Foundation and how it impacted their brands.

Here’s what they had to say…

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“These people have become close friends of mine. They’ve been very supportive of my business and we support each other.”

Estelle Vernon

Laying the Foundation comes with the added perk of one-year access to the Diamond Insiders, an exclusive community of supportive designers where you can brainstorm ideas, ask for advice, and network with other jewelry makers.

#CommunityOverCompetition all the way!


“If I really apply myself to what I’m learning in Flourish & Thrive, things do change. And even if it’s baby steps, and it sometimes doesn’t feel like it’s going very fast, I actually have improved my business quite a bit.”

Tisha Abrahamsen

A structured education program is often more effective than self-directed learning because there is an added layer of accountability.

In LTF, you have coaches, accountability partners, and fellow designers to help you stay on track and tackle your goals.


“Every single time that I have taken the course, I’ve found that my business at least went up by 25 percent.”

Ann Sanicola

Although Laying the Foundation comes with many added benefits, it’s ultimately about one thing: getting results.

I designed the course to help struggling designers like you attract the kind of consistent sales and exposure that will bust the feast or famine mode so you can support your ideal lifestyle…

…and it works.

I highly encourage you to find the courage within yourself to put yourself out there and take the next step in your business, whether it be through Laying the Foundation or not.

You deserve to see the success and growth you’ve been dreaming of.

xo, Tracy

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Have I piqued your interest? 

If you feel like you’ve been struggling to get the results you want in your business, consider enrolling in Laying the Foundation

It’s delivered online so that you can participate virtually from anywhere and fit it into your busy schedule.

Learn more about LTF!


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