#229 How to Know When It’s Time to Do the Work to Ask for Help

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There was a time when I didn't believe that anyone knew how to grow my business better than I did. 

In fact, I was so ashamed to ask for help when I was struggling, that I pretended like nothing was wrong and just kept brushing problems under the rug. I kept setting lofty goals and feeling frustrated when I didn’t reach them. 

Problem upon problem piled up, and when the 2008 recession hit my biz didn’t stand a chance.

I learned the hard way how crucial it is to ask for help, and I don’t want you making those same mistakes.

So, roll up your sleeves, m’dear, because it’s time to get self-reflective – no sugarcoating!

Here are three signs it’s time to ask for help in your business.

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1) You Feel Overly Defensive of Your Biz

Someone asks a critical question about your business or offers constructive feedback, and you immediately snap into defense mode. That’s a red flag.

As a creative visionary, you may be too close to your biz to see some of the big-picture problems. 

I get it, you’re passionate about what you do. That passion is what fuels your success, but it can also get in the way of growth if you let it.

If you find yourself feeling overly defensive of your business decisions, that’s usually the first sign it’s time to get some outside perspective on things.

2) You’re Operating from a Scarcity Mindset

You feel stressed because there’s not enough money to go around, not enough room in the marketplace for your work, etc.

It’s not true.

Repeat after me, and believe it: money is limitless, sales are limitless, your opportunities for growth are limitless. It’s only a matter of getting your head in the right space and putting in the work.

The best cure for a scarcity mindset is to reach out to a supportive community of like-minded artists who can help you shift your thinking.

3) Your Actions and Goals are Misaligned

You’re setting ambitious goals but not making a plan or implementing the actions that will allow you to follow through.

Here’s the unfortunate truth: sometimes the person you are today is not going to the person you want to be in the future.

Recognizing this forces you to reflect on your own approach to business. This is where a coach or mentor can really help you out.

If you’re feeling a little called out right now, don’t be too hard on yourself! This is the first step of tapping into your potential for growth.

Listen to the rest of the podcast, where I talk about the actions you can take once you’ve identified that it’s time to ask for help.

Until next week, m’dear!

xo, Tracy

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