#230 Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference Recap with Jess Gebauer

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Have you ever thought about the impact your brand has on the environment and in communities around the globe?

There’s a shift happening in the jewelry industry right now. People all the way down the chain, from consumers to designers to miners, are becoming aware of the environmental and social impact of jewelry.

The Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference is an annual event dedicated to changing the jewelry industry for the better. It’s only in its third year, but its already making an impact.

I attended the 2019 conference with my director of education, Jess Gebauer. We met some incredible people and learned so much about the potential for sustainable jewelry practices.

Jess sat down to talk through the major takeaways from this year with Niki Grandics, founder of Enji Studio and the co-chair of marketing and communications for Ethical Metalsmiths.

They talked about a few things YOU can do to start making a difference.

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Start Where You’re At

To affect real change, everyone needs to be a part of the conversation. That means no negativity and no accusations.

Join the conversation with an open mind. What can you do as a designer in your local community to make a positive impact?

The answer will be a little different for everybody.

Start Small

We’re all about the power of the individual. 

You can’t change the whole industry in a day, but small actions every day add up to make a big difference.

It’s individuals like you taking steps in the right direction that push the movement forward as a whole.

Start Asking the Right Questions

There’s so much information (and misinformation!) about ethical sourcing. It’s crucial, not only to ask the right questions but to ask the right people.

Organizations like Ethical Metalsmiths are dedicated to creating a more transparent and compassionate jewelry industry. Their website makes it easier than ever to find information about sustainability as a designer.

They even have a list of ethical suppliers, for your convenience!

And if you couldn’t make it to the Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference this year, I highly encourage you to make it in 2020.

xo, Tracy

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