Earn Money Online By Spending More Time on the Creative Side of Your Jewelry Business Like This Designer…

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Today, we are showcasing a designer who shows how creatives can get unstuck from the art show cycle and grow an online business…

Being a designer with your own jewelry business can sound super glamorous… but FAR too many creative designers are struggling with the same issue… CASH FLOW.

Allison Kallaway Young, owner, and designer of Allison Kallaway Jewelry was the perfect example of this. That is before she joined the Momentum Coaching Program.

Allison lives in northwest Montana. But when she started her business, she was living in Southern Africa. She started designing as a side hustle and ran her business out of Botswana for the first 5 years.

But when she moved back to the U.S., she was a new mom trying to really get her business off the ground… She was doing what she could to grow, but she ended up under serious financial strain.

Ultimately, Allison is a creative. She’s done all the other parts of her business, but they’re not really her thing.

And so many designers can relate to this!

You love your work so you end up being the bookkeeper, copywriter, marketer and beyond (because you have to)… and then you have no energy left to actually design!

Allison’s work fits into the Art Jewelry category, so not having time to be creative was a real drain on her product & her income… Not only was she not earning enough – but when she did sit down to work on designs, she was too DRAINED to make work she was proud of.

And on top of that, Allison’s only sales model was selling at art shows. And she did A LOT of them. But that meant no sales in between shows. And if she didn’t get into a show or had a dry spell in-between shows, she was really stuck. She literally didn’t even have a website at this point!

It became really hard to make ends meet and cash flow was a serious problem. As a new mom and a creative, this was a seriously stressful and draining position to be in. Allison was dealing with a ton of anxiety and stress. Although she earned decent numbers, the costs from the shows she was doing were so high they almost canceled out the income she did make.

Allison discovered Flourish + Thrive Academy through Facebook and after doing the Bootcamp program, followed by Set The Foundations, she wanted to join Momentum but just didn’t think she could afford it.

She had hired other business coaches in the past… but she’d never paid this amount of money for this length of time… She decided to go for it though – she was just so exhausted and ready for the coaching she really needed!

Allison could hardly believe how many solutions she got to her cash flow problem…

Before long she was building out a website where she could send the customers from her art shows.

A place where she could sell to them in-between shows. She started…

  • Building a site where customers could shop online…
  • Creating a mailing list and collecting emails….
  • Setting up a blog with free content…
  • Getting her automation set up…

She now had a nurturing system in place for those in-person clients she only saw on rare occasion. And sales starting happening with more consistency!

Allison also learned how to outsource – so she could focus on being the creative designer and let other people do the tasks that drained her energy!

She wanted to keep her business small… making and designing most things herself. But she learned that didn’t mean she had to do EVERYTHING on her own.

Now rather than being a photographer, web developer and beyond… Allison gets to stay in her function and CREATE. And she earns more $$ at the same time!!!

Since starting Momentum, she reached her goal last year of $100,000 in annual sales… literally on New Year's Eve!

Her goal this year was to increase by 25% and she’s already on track to do even more than that.

Another thing Allison loves about Momentum is that it's full of designers with such a breadth of knowledge. She may be an expert in one are and another person ends up being knowledgeable in something she’s not great at – so they end up coaching each other! It's seriously PACKED full of value.

It almost goes without saying that Allison’s stress levels have seriously decreased… she now has an amazing website where she brings in consistent sales, she’s making (and beating) her annual sales goals, and most importantly… she has SUPPORT + STRUCTURE. So she can focus on the parts of her business she loves and stays in her creative zone!

Allison said she would highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about turning their jewelry design into a lucrative career… especially if they, like her, are a creative FIRST and a business person SECOND.

Keeping designers in their function while also earning higher numbers is something we specialize in at Flourish + Thrive Academy.

If you’re a designer and you’re tired of feeling like you have to suffer for your art, it's time for you to take the leap and get the support you need to get you back in your zone of genius – AND earning at the level you desire!