EP347: How to Stay Focused When the World is Falling Apart

EP 347 Blog Feature

I’m sure you’d agree with me when I say that business is not just about profit and revenue. 


There are challenges we all face from time to time. And one of the external struggles business owners face periodically is massive inflation.

The inflation we’re facing now is caused by the war between Ukraine and Russia, which is something totally beyond our zone of control. But it affects our business in so many ways – like the fuel price hike which has a domino effect on shipment, cost of raw materials, plane flights, and many more.

My goal with this podcast is to help you stay focused on the things you can control instead of dwelling on the stressful events happening around us.

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Focus on What You Can Control

You get the same amount of time in a day as the most successful person in the world. The only difference is how you use it.

If you really want to succeed as a jewelry designer, it’s important to shift your focus to revenue-generating activities. These are tasks that directly lead to sales growth in your business. Set up your daily priorities and leave no room for distractions.

Self-care, Mindfulness, and Creativity

Self-care is one of the most underrated antidotes for feeling stuck, unfocused, and overwhelmed. Having a regular self-care and mindfulness routine will help you manage your emotions and better understand where they are coming from. It’s difficult to be creative if you’re drowned in negative thoughts. Listening to your body and mind through self-care can help you start moving. 

Here are some ways you can practice self-care:

  • 5- minutes morning meditation
  • 5- minutes of gratitude journaling at night
  • Schedule a weekly or monthly creative day
  • Get enough sleep at night
  • Eat healthy, unprocessed food
  • Exercise on a regular basis

Be Strategic

When it comes to setting and achieving goals, it's important to have a clear vision. What do you want to achieve by the end of this year? And how can you break that down into manageable chunks? That's where 90-day sprints come in. 

By focusing on a specific goal or task for 90 days, you can make significant progress. But of course, simply having a vision isn't enough. You also need a strategic plan for how you're going to make that happen. What steps will you take? What resources will you need? By creating a detailed strategy, you increase your chances of success.

Stock Up on Essentials

Stocking up on necessities gives me a feeling of security If an emergency situation arises, at least I did something to make sure our basic needs are still met. It makes me feel comfortable, prepared, and it literally calms my senses. We’re fortunate enough to have a small space for gardening and my boyfriend Jason has green thumb so we’re able to grow some veggies like lettuce, chilies, and herbs. If you’re interested in home gardening and it’s possible within your space, you should really try it. 

Limit Your Media Consumption

With the way social media algorithms are designed, it’s so easy to be consumed by social media. Too much use of social media invites all kinds of negative emotions, and it disempowers us from making a rational decision. So be very mindful because there’s a difference between being informed and being afraid.

Listen to the full episode above and learn how to overcome the challenges in today’s chaotic world with the right attitude and strong focus. And if you’re someone who wants more guidance implementing your strategic business plan, I am inviting you to apply for a FREE Strategy Audit.

If you’re looking for something to do to replace your excessive social media scrolling, immersing yourself in the self-paced modules of Laying the Foundation is a great idea.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again we live in a chaotic world.

But there are ways to overcome these challenges with the right attitude, focus, and plan! 

xo, Tracy

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