EP346: Stop the Scroll with Better Headlines and Hooks with Reese Spykerman

EP 346 Blog Feature

Have you curated aesthetic photos of your jewelry products online but still aren’t making the sales you expected? Maybe you’re missing out on a very powerful tool; one that is often overlooked but can bring in consistent sales at a glance. 

I’m talking about copywriting.

As a jewelry business owner, knowing how to entice your audience by writing better headlines and hooks is important. Great copywriting can push undecided people to finally check out their carts and buy your jewelry.

Not sure where to start? Reese Spykerman is your girl.

Reese studied journalism at the University of Missouri, and has since used her strong writing skills to build a career in ecommerce. She is a marketing unicorn who harnesses the killer combo potent combination of great copywriting and optimized web design to create websites that persuade people visually.

I’ve spoke with her before in Episode #275 about improving website conversions.

Now, she’s back to dig into the art and science of copywriting.

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What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is  just a fancy term for using words to communicate with your customers.

Great copy may take any form, from TV commercial scripts and billboards to Facebook captions or Instagram stories— it's all about telling an engaging story to persuade people to support your brand.

Through copywriting, people move from undecided viewers to raving fans who want to buy your products again and again.

Headlines: The Copy To Rule Them All

Headlines are a core component of excellent copy. A strong headline can stop readers in their tracks and draw them into your content.

The idea is to grab the reader’s attention right away so you can convince them that your product can benefit them. 

Use captivating headlines in your website, captions, and emails to talk to your dream customers and pique their curiosity.

A Formula For Easier Headline Writing

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be the sharpest wordsmith on the block to create attention-grabbing headlines.

Reese shares a framework that works, even if you’re not crazy about writing. and it can help alleviate writer’s block. 
She calls it “Step Into You.”.

Here it goes:

Become the [insert Persona] + [insert Aspirations]

  • Become the Lady Gaga with Your Versatile Fashion
  • Become the Most Graceful Woman at Your 25th Highschool Reunion
  • Become THAT Bitch and Own It Every F*cking Day 

Basically, step into any persona that will help you write copy that resonates with a specific kind of audience.

This formula works. People buy jewelry because of desire. Reflecting back these desires to them in one sentence taps into their emotion and helps them identify with your brand.

Now, copywriting doesn’t have to be as hard as you thought, right?

Writing headlines is just one of the fun exercises that will help you curate a powerful brand identity. Join Flourish & Thrive Academy, where we help independent jewelry designers like you learn to thrive in today’s complex industry.

xo, Tracy

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