EP377: The 3 Core Habits of a Highly Successful Maker

The 3 Core Habits of a Highly Successful Maker

I was talking to our Diamond Insiders Coach, Dawn, about why some business owners give up on their dreams. 

She said something that got me thinking.

A lot of people are not committed to their business in the way where they’re willing to actually do what it takes to be successful.

You could be a jewelry designer with great potential, but if you don’t overcome your fears, invest in yourself, and step out of your comfort zone, you’re going to have a hard time creating growth in your business.

People who make millions doing what they love have no room for a scarcity mindset.

Scaling your business to that level is not easy, I’ll be honest, but anyone can do it. 

If you’re someone who dreams of growing their business to 6-figures and beyond, I invite you to think like a wildly successful business owner and adopt these 3 core habits of a million dollar maker.

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1. They Have A Crystal Clear Vision of Where They’re Headed

Regardless of where you are in business, vision and clarity are vital to success. 7-figure business owners understand this. 

They have a vision for the next iteration of their business and WHY they want to create it.

Sure, they may still stumble along the way, but with a clear, documented vision in place, they won’t be down for long.

If you’re struggling with this, listen to the full episode above. I walk you through an exercise to help you craft your own vision for your business.

2. They Are Solutions-Oriented

Running your own business has a lot of ups and downs. The only difference with highly successful business owners is that they approach problems with a natural curiosity.

When a problem arises, they know how to step back from their emotional reaction, process it, and then move into action.

They see roadblocks as learning opportunities, and surround themselves with people who will help them brainstorm solutions.

Most importantly, 7-figure business owners know that there’s no shame in asking for help when they get stuck.

3. They Take Full Ownership of Their Results

7 Figure business owners take ownership of EVERYTHING that happens in their business.

They understand that playing the “blame game” is counter-intuitive to progress and the fastest path to a downward spiral.

Blaming others leads to inaction and demotivation. Taking ownership leads to action, growth, and solutions.

When they OWN everything that happens in their biz, it allows them to step into a place of power…

Power to act. Power to pivot. Power to problem solve.

Listen to the full episode above, because I share some inspiring stories of designers from our community who have adopted the core habits of a million dollar maker.

xo, Tracy

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