EP383: From Soul-Sucking Day Job to 23 Wholesale Accounts in 1 Year with Rosie Harris

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If you have one of those “soul-sucking” day jobs with no opportunity for growth….

Or you just want to be inspired by another jewelry maker doing big things…

You’ll love this story!

Whenever I hear a good “I-quit-my-full-time-job-to-pursue-my-jewelry-biz” story, I have to learn more – especially when that designer doubled her online sales and now has 23 wholesale accounts – in just a year.

Pretty mind-blowing and exciting at the same time!

Meet Rosie Harris of Joie Designs. I interviewed her on the Thrive by Design Podcast about her phenomenal growth over this last year.

Download the show notes here

During this inspiring episode, we chat about…

  • Her journey into doing her jewelry business full time to leave her soul-sucking job
  • How she overcame her fears to cold email stores (and land lots of accounts).
  • What she did to double her website sales last year (before and after photos included)
  • Why following a roadmap grew her business faster this year than any year previously
  • Suggestions for jewelry makers who want to turn a side hustle into a full-time lifestyle business

Rosie wrapped the episode by sharing: “If you saw the progress I've made, it's phenomenal. That progress feeds my confidence to go forward into my next set of goals.”

Her progress came from following our step-by-step business building roadmap in the Laying the Foundation Program after she joined at this time last year.

Are you ready to grow your business like Rosie’s this year? If that’s a HECK, Yes, we’re here to help!

xo, Tracy

P.S. This is the LAST time our Laying The Foundation Cohort will be offered before we increase the price at the end of the year!! We WILL be increasing the price from 1995 to 2500+ due to the high level of support we give you!


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