EP386: When is the Right Time to Get Coaching For Your Jewelry Business

When is the Right Time to Get Coaching For Your Jewelry Business

Everyone looks at the cost of a book, coach, or program.

Nobody considers the cost of being in the same place 1 year from now.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have heard my story about hiring my first coach-sultant, Phil. For years, I’d struggle to figure things out in my business.

Because I’m determined, I built my first business on trial and error with a huge opportunity cost. My business operations were chaotic. I was getting into deeper debt (part of my excuse for not hiring a consultant). And I kept saying – “I wish someone would tell me exactly what to do (for XYZ problem).” 

But I kept putting off hiring a coach or consultant because of the “price-tag” which I now KNOW was an investment in myself. 

Eventually I hired Phil. At the time, my business had just been thrown into the vortex of a terrible economic crash. Even though I really couldn’t “afford” the investment, I needed help so badly. So I committed to a HUGE financial commitment back then (2008) and  figured out a way to make the $1500 a month investment work. 

I was desperate at the time. And while hiring a coach when you’re a the point of desperation can be fine, it’s  better to hire someone when you’re in a space where you can actually implement what you learn.

So, if you’ve been considering coaching for your jewelry business, you may be wondering things like.. 

  • When is the right time to hire a coach or take a coaching program?
  • Is my business too new for coaching?
  • Am I too experienced to hire a coach? 
  • Can I actually afford to hire a coach? 
  • What kind of coaching is right for me now?

Let’s chat…

I get DMs all of the time about jewelry business coaching and today I answer all of these questions on today’s podcast. 

If you’re wondering if coaching, consulting, or taking a group coaching program is a good fit for you, you’ll love EP386:  When is the Right Time to Get Coaching For Your Jewelry Business?

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Is Coaching or a Coaching Program Right for YOU?

Is there ever the right time to get coaching? The short answer is, YES. One on one coaching might not be the best based on your stage of business or what you’re willing to invest, or it might be perfect. We explore timing, how to stay results focused, and how to use coaching to move a lot faster.

How Do I Fit in Coaching or a Program If I’m Already Super Busy?

One of the keys to making coaching work is actually doing the work. So fitting it in can seem impossible if you feel overwhelmed already. But here’s the thing. If you commit to making time and scheduling the time to do the work, you’d be surprised at how much time you can make for important things. 

How Do I Learn a Course if I Have a Unique Learning Style?

Everyone consumes information differently. On the show I share how to get the most out of a coaching program based on your unique learning style.

Most people wouldn’t even flinch at investing 10’s of thousands of dollars a year to go to a University program that might never give them life or business skills. They end up in debt that they’re paying off for years. Think of investing in business coaching as a fast track to achieving what you want in your jewelry business a lot faster. 

If you’d like my help with that, check out our jewelry business coaching and programs page or book a discovery call with my team to discuss your business needs.

xo, Tracy


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